New Non Fiction rated G …for Girls!

Check the latest and newest non fiction for girls!  Escape into a world of fairy tales (and fairies), ballet, inspiring women, cheer-leading and…where dreams come true.

Becoming a Ballerina: A Nutcracker Story staring the Dancers of Boston Ballet.

Ever wanted to be a ballerina? This book is a beautiful and inspiring portrait of a real life girl pursuing her dream to becoming a ballerina and scoring the lead role in The Nutcracker. Complete with dozens of full color photographs that bring to life the hard work and artistry that go into creating the magical world of the ballet.






Are you interested in becoming a gymnast? Performing back flips, leaps and somersaults sounds exciting, but its not that easy to do. This book will help you master those techniques, along with with step by step photographs and also tell what you need to do in order to condition your body, diet, clothing and kit.






Ready, Set, Cheer! by Lisa Mullarkey.

If you ever wanted to become a cheerleader? Don’t be fooled by the stereotype,  cheerleading is hard work. Luckily Ready, Set, Cheer! is a new series that tells you everything you have ever wanted to know about cheerleading. Cheerleading Basics explains how to get started in cheerleading and introduces some basic motions, chants and cheers. Cheerleading Spirit will tell great ways to spread spirit around at games, pep rallies and community events. Cheerleading Stunts and Tumbling introduces a number of gymnastics moves with hints on how to be successful. Cheerleading Tryouts and Competitions shares tips on how to become the best cheerleader you can be and how to help you squad become a winner.


The Oxford Treasury of Fairy Tales.

The perfect book that allows you to escape into a world of brave knights, sleeping princesses, wicked witches and talking frogs. Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White.  Oxford University Press has taken all the fairy tales that you love and know so well and published them into this beautiful, bound collection of stories with colorful illustrations.






Maya and the Turtle.

This Korean folk tale tells the story of Maya. She and her father are poor, but live a comfortable life. Her mother is dead, but foresaw Maya’s destiny of becoming a princess. One day Maya finds a little turtle. She takes him home, raising, caring for him and never knowing that he will play a part in her destiny. Beautifully illustrated and filled with fascinating nuggets of information about Korean culture, this book offers a poignant tale of the rewards of kindness, patience, courage, a loving heart and a lesson in how true glory, even if foretold must be earned.



Disney Fairies: The ultimate guide to the magical world.

With a sprinkle of pixie dust (and this exciting new read), take a journey to Neverland and meet all your favorite Disney fairies including Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Silvermist and Vidia. This book is crammed with fun information about your favorite fairies, finding your fairy talent and even what fairies like to eat. With eye catching pictures of the fairies, stills from the movies and fairy themes of magic, friendship, fairy fashion and nature, this is one book no fairies fan should be without.

If you this tickles you fancy, you might want to check out the DVDs Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue  and Tinker Bell and the secret of the wings.



Helen’s big world : the life of Helen Keller 

Read about the inspiring life of Helen Keller in this picture book biography. Born deaf and blind, she was determined to expereince every part of life and with the help of an unrivaled teacher, Annie Sullivan, Helen found that knowledge would soon lead to freedom. This book is an excellent and unforgettable portrait of one of the world’s most influential women whose vision for progress changed America and the world forever.





The stories of the Mona Lisa : an imaginary museum tale about the history of modern art.

In this book, a father tells his daughter a story of the fascinating history of modern painting through what many consider the most famous work in the history of art: the Mona Lisa by Leonardo De Vinci. This book takes you on a through an imaginary museum where you learn about famous art movements, for example  impressionism, cubism, expressionism, minimalism and surrealism. You also learn about artists like Monet, Manet, Cezanne, Picasso and Pollock. All of the most famous painters of the modern and contemporary art movements are explained with their own Mona Lisa portraits, in their signature styles. The Stories of the Mona Lisa is the perfect book for anyone who loves art, history, and a good story.


Girls (and boys) will also like:

I have a dream / Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of it’s creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, 28th August 1963.

Do you have a dream? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr did.  He was an American clergyman, activist, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He had a dream for freedom and equality of all people, no matter the colour of their skin. On August 28th 1963, he stood before the nation and agave one of the most powerful and memorable speeches in our history. In the only picture book version of Dr King’s speech, with magnificent illustrations his iconic words and dream comes alive again and again for many generations to come. This book also includes a CD of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s original speech. A fantastic book to use if you are doing a project on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and African-American Civil Rights Movement.

Have you ever had a dream? Now is the time to make it come true.





The Inside world of Animals, Reptiles and Teen Superstars!… and some Arts and Crafts for good measure.

Head on down to the library and check out the latest Junior non fiction that will keep you amused and entertained. Animals! Reptiles! Teen superstars! You couldn’t ask for more!

Amazing new non fiction on animals:

Animal Encyclopedia : 2,500 animals with photos, maps and more!

Love animals? Then this is the book for you. This book has been rated the best children’s animal encyclopedia. Newly published from National Geographic, this amazing encyclopedia, complete with facts, maps and photographs will tell you everything you have ever wanted to know about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and fish.





Animals Are Amazing:

Animals are amazing and don’t we know it. Read up and learn all you ever wanted to know about the world’s  amazing animals which includes MonkeysSharksTigersLions and Polar Bears. These books also come complete with pictures and amazing facts like mother monkeys teach their babies what is good to eat and tigers can grow to be over three metres long.


Animals Are Amazing: Snakes

Learn all you ever wanted to know about snakes – snakes that bite, snakes that squeeze, snakes that swim and snakes that climb trees. You will also learn interesting facts like the green anaconda can weigh as much as four grown people and some snakes can live to be 40 years old. Also check out: Amazing Giant Dinosaurs.





The inside world of Teen Superstars:

Selena Gomez.

New from the series, Teen Stars is the biography of Selena Gomez, who is an American actress, singer, and fashion designer. She is known for portraying Alex Russo in the Emmy Award winning television series Wizards of Waverly Place and starring in movies such as Another Cinderella Story and Ramona and Beezus. Whether you’re already a fan, or just want to find out more, this series has something for everyone who’s into the teen celebrity scene.





If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about throwing in some Arts and Crafts activities for good measure? Check out these brand new non fiction series…


Arts and Crafts:

Get creative with these fun activities. Whether your are making a knight’s helmet and sword or a fairy tea party, These books will give you lots of ideas of arts and crafts you can create using knights, castles an fairies themes. Interested in more from this series, check out: PiratesTractors and TrucksDinosaurs and Animals.










New from this series is Fun with Paint, Fun with PaperFun with Fabric and Fun with Nature.

Whether you are having fun with paint, paper, fabric or nature, these clever craft books are full of fun ideas and fantastic activities for little fingers to make. From gifts to party decorations or just for fun, these craft activities will keep little fingers busy.






New Non-Fiction: Music, Myths and Fashion

The History of Modern Music.

Interested in having a career in the music industry, then this is the book for you! Part of the series: The Music Scene, this book explores the changes in modern music though the post-war decades from rock n roll (Elvis Presley) and folk music (Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel) through to punk (The Sex Pistols), Indie pop (Green Day)and the enormous changes in technology today that have transformed the music world today. Also check out other book in the series: The Music Industry, Music, Fashion and Style and Performing Live.






Also check out


King Arthur.

King Arthur is the ultimate English hero. King of Camelot, Head of the Knights of the Round Table and wielder of the magic sword, Excalibur! Richard Brassey explores the history, the mystery and the legendary figures that populate the myths about King Arthur, including Morgan La Fay, Merlin and the evil Mordred. Richard Brassey’s unique gift for extracting truth from myth in a concise and insightful way makes this book the perfect introduction to King Arthur for young readers – and confused tourists!


 Learn to Speak Fashion.

Learn to Speak Fashion is about the ideas, skills and the fun behind thinking creatively about what you and others choose to wear. This book is the perfect guide to find tips on creating fashion from top designers, models and stylists. Also if you think you got what it takes to be a fashion designer? Then have a read of The Young Entrepreneurs Club: Fashion. All the information you need to becoming the next big thing in the fashion industry is in this exciting new read from the series: Young Entrepreneurs’ Club.


Basketball:  From tip-off to slam dunk – the essential guide.

A comprehensive guide on how to play basketball. You find in this exciting new read everything you need to know about how to get started, improve your playing style and hints and tips to help you master the sport.






Fairy Things to Stitch and Sew.

Love fairies? Love sewing?  Love arts and crafts? Then this is the book for you!, especially if you’re looking for ideas this year for Christmas gifts.  This enchanting book from the Usborne series is teeming with delightful projects which includes making fairy collages, bags, cards and pillows.



Fairy School Drop-Out

How would you like to be a fairy and go to fairy school?

I think most girls would love to do that but not Elly. She doesn’t like being a fairy at all – in fact she hates it.

Elly would rather be out having fun on her skateboard not stuck in school wearing an itchy tutu and learning how to do boring old spells. And the worse thing of all is having to learn how to fly. Give Elly a skateboard anyday.

Check out all of Elly’s great adventures in the Fairy School Drop-out series.

One for the fans

Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex

In this installment the unthinkable has happened …  Artemis has become nice!?!  But with robots attacking the city Holly would be pretty glad to have the devious genius of the old Artemis on her side. I can’t tell you any more, because I haven’t got my hands on a copy yet.


The latest in this exciting series was released on Monday in UK and will be out in the next few days in America. Don’t wait until it appears in New Zealand. You can reserve your copy now for free with your children’s library card.