The coolest book website

It doesn’t matter if you are a Dr Seuss fan or not (but really – who isn’t a Dr Seuss fan??!!) you need to check out his website!

Seussville is the home of everything Dr Seuss, from the Cat in the Hat, to Yertle the Turtle (my personal favourite).

Along with checking out all the Dr Seuss books, you can play games, download and print activity sheets, find out about all the many Dr Seuss characters and Dr Seuss himself (did you know his real name was Theodore Geisel?). There are even recipescrafts and activities you can do at home.

This fun, noisy and interactive site is really worth checking out!

 What are some of your favourite author/book websites?


Kids’ Club Review by Thomas: The Lorax

The Lorax, by Dr Seuss

The Lorax is a great story made by the genius kids rhyming book author, Dr Seuss. The Lorax is about a kid called Ted who loves a girl called Audrey. They live in a town called Thneedville. All Audrey wishes is to see a real tree. Theendville is made of plastic and has no nature.Ted is confident to find Audrey a real living tree. Ted meets a man called the Once-ler who tells Ted everything. A mini baby man called O’Hare (who owns the air) tries to stop Ted from getting a tree. Will Ted get a tree? Find out in The Lorax. By the way they have made the Lorax movie, so watch it now.

5 stars

Reviewed by Thomas from Karori, 8 years old