Happy 20th birthday Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie) library!

This week on Wednesday 22nd of FebruaryKilbirnie library plaque we celebrate 20 years since the current Ruth Gotlieb/Kilbirnie library opened its doors. Let’s take the opportunity to have a look back on the history of one of Wellington’s busiest branch libraries and the important role it has played in our community for many years.

Interest in the need for a Kilbirnie library was first raised with the Council in 1912, but it wasn’t until 14 years later in 1936 that the Lyall Bay library was opened on the corner of Wha Street and Onepu Road. The library operated there until 1983, when it moved to a new premises just down the road. Kilbirnie library 1997The new Kilbirnie library at 101 Kilbirnie Crescent was then built and opened in 1997. Three years later it was renamed as the Ruth Gotlieb library to recognise Mrs Gotlieb’s outstanding contribution to library services in Wellington. Ruth is still a regular library user, who enjoys visiting “her” library each week!

Here in Kilbirnie, we serve a diverse range of library patrons. We are a very multi-cultural suburb, with locals originating from all sorts of overseas locations, such as Asia, India and the Pacific.Kilbirnie library 2017 We also have high populations of both elderly residents and children, which is reflected in our users. Maybe you’ve even visited us with your class from school? The Kilbirnie library has a great collection with something for everyone, and a team of friendly librarians just waiting to help you find the perfect book. If you visit the Ruth Gotlieb library this week, be sure to wish us a very happy 20th birthday!







Happy Birthday C. S. Lewis!

Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast, Ireland, on the 29 of November 1898 (that’s nearly 120 years ago now). His mother died when Lewis was just 10 years old, and he received his education in boarding schools and with private tutors.

As a small child, Lewis played a lot with his older brother Warren, and the two boys created an imaginary land called ‘Boxen’, which they continued for many years. Perhaps these early experiences were the inspiration for Narnia?


C. S. Lewis married once to an American writer named Joy Davidman. Joy sadly passed away from cancer only four years later. Lewis died in 1963 after suffering a heart attack, exactly one week before his 65th birthday.

Lewis was most famous for writing poetry and novels, but also worked as a university teacher. He was very spiritual as an adult, and wrote a lot about Christianity. C. S. Lewis published a total of 74 books in his lifetime for both children and adults, his most famous series being ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, which were published between 1949 and 1954 when Lewis was in his early 50s.


Since his death, C. S. Lewis’s stories have continued to be very popular and are considered to be classics in British literature. Some have even been made into movies! If you would like to read or listen to a book by C. S. Lewis, head over to the catalogue to check whether any are available in your local library, or place a free reserve.

It’s our birthday, but you could get the presents!

Wellington City Libraries is turning 175 years old! This makes us the oldest library system in New Zealand – wow!

To celebrate our birthday, we’re holding a party at the Wellington Central Library on Saturday 21st November.

For the creative and crafty people out there, we have a couple of competitions that you can enter.

The colouring competition is for 5-8yr olds. New Zealand’s first public library was a small hut on the Wellington waterfront. Colour in the picture of the hut, fill in your details on the back, and drop it in to any Wellington City library to enter.

The design competition is for 9-13yr olds. We want you to draw your idea of the library of the future! What do you think Wellington City Libraries will look like 175 years from now (that’s the year 2190, by the way)? Draw your design on the front, fill in your details on the back, and drop it into to any Wellington City library to enter the competition.

The competitions close on 29th November, and the winners will be announced on 1st December.

(Click the links above to download the competition forms to print at home!)

Good luck!


Happy Birthday Harold!

Many decades ago an Author wrote a book that has become a much loved classic, and this year his book turns 60 years old! That’s old enough to be your grandparent.

Harold and the Purple Crayon is a picture book about a small boy who goes on an evening adventure, drawing everything he needs with a purple crayon as he goes. Many people were inspired by this simple story, and it quickly become a much loved book found in many homes and libraries across the world.

Get to know Harold; grab a copy from your local library and have a read.

Happy Birthday Harold!

50th Birthday of The Giving Tree

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of a classic children’s book – The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

The Giving Tree was published in 1964, and is his most well known book. BUT… Shel Silverstein was busy in 1964 and also had 3 other books published, which means that they all turn 50 years old this year too.

So happy birthday to the following books:

The Giving Tree

(also in French)




A Giraffe and a Half





Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?





(Don’t Bump the Glump!  is the 4th book having a birthday but, sorry- we don’t have this one in the library.)

Check out the official Shel Silverstein website for info, games, videos, printables, e-cards, and oggle at the cool illustrations and cartoons.

Happy Birthday George Ferris!!!!!

It’s George Ferris 154th Birthday today!!!!!

So who is this guy?

What did he do !!!!

Well he was an American engineer who built bridges. You have probably gone on one of  his best ever inventions –  The Ferris Wheel!!!!!  He was challenged to see if something could be built that would rival the Eiffel Tower in Paris !!! He wanted something  ‘original, daring and unique.’ So he came up with the cool idea of a gigantic wheel with carriages to ride in!!! Hooray for George!

So the first original Ferris wheel was built in Chicago for The World’s Columbian Exposition held in  Illinois, 1893.

So remember George next time you line up for a ride on a Ferris wheel and remember it’s his  154th birthday!

Happy Birthday George Ferris!!!!!

Where’s Wally? It’s his birthday today.

Can you imagine getting lost for 25 years? Because that’s how old Wally is- It’s his birthday today, he’s 25 years old!

Where’s Wally was first published in 1987 and over 56 million copies have been sold worldwide. 5.6 million iPhone and iPad Where’s Wally? apps have been sold and 3.9 million ‘likes’ on Facebook. He’s one popular guy! If you can find him, that is.

The Where’s Wally website is really cool, you can play games and find out heaps of info about the books and the worldwide phenomenon. Did you know that in the United States and Canada it’s called ‘Where’s Waldo’, and not Where’s Wally?

We have a huge collection of Where’s Wally books. Here are some of our favourites: