Kids’ Club Review by Zahra: The marble maker

The marble makerThe marble maker, by Sacha Cotter

This book is about a girl who makes marbles. She has a pet sheep that is her assistant. They want to make a special marble.

I like this book because it was about marbles and I like marbles. My favourite characters were the girl and the sheep. It was funny when the sheep was saying baa baa when it didn’t like the marbles and did a different baa baa when he liked it.

I like the pictures. They were very colourful and funny. If I could give the book another title it would be Making marbles.

I learnt that you should keep trying. It reminded me of Finding Dory. Dory’s parents said to just keep swimming.

5 stars

Reviewed by Zahra from Karori and Samuel Marsden Collegiate School , 7 years old

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