Kids’ Club Review by Tiffany: Incredible Incas

Incredible IncasIncredible Incas, by Terry Deary

This book is filled with a lot of gruesome facts! I never knew the Incas loved chopping peoples heads off, sacrificing children by burying them alive for the gods, or dunking babies into a bucjet of pee hoping it will cure their fever. Would you like to live with the Incas, many, many, many years ago? How do you think they cured people of headaches? The easiest way but not the safest: they drilled a hole in the person’s hole, lifted out the bone then let the evil spirits drift away. Alo, did you know, if women wanted to make themselves beautiful, they washed their hair with stewed pee? Also, llamas were a very great sacrifice. Some people sacrifice llams to the gods, about a 100 is killed each month for the gods. This book was so gruesome, so horrific, so true, I just couldn’t stop reading, which made me even more disgusted by each page! Would you like to be a lord, but then get killed in the end by your brother, best man or your so called friend?! That’s how the Incas lived their everyday lives, until the spainish came… When you pick up this book, get ready for yucky tales full of blood and enter the Incas lives.

4 stars

Reviewed by Tiffany from Kilbirnie, 12 years old

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