Kids’ Club Review by Theo: Deep waters: 24 hours to save the world– and finish his homework

Deep waters : 24 hours to save the world– and finish his homework, by H. I. Larry

This is a book about a spy boy who has to complete a mission in the ocean. In the way to it he has to complete other mini-missions, but is not like in the way, he has to go other ways so he wastes time. I like how the author writes the book because he makes the characters believable and also that he makes you believe you are there. I would prefer that Zac had to fight against nature. I like when Zac suddenly meets a squid, it’s a suspenseful moment.I would like to give the book 3 stars and a half.

3 stars

Reviewed by Theo from Brooklyn and Karori West Normal School , 10 years old

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