Kids’ Club Review by Stephen: Amulet

AmuletAmulet, by Kazu Kibuishi (1978-)

Amulet – The Cloud Searchers is book 3 in the series. Emily is meeting more friends and having more alliances with old enemies. She is starting to have dreams from her amulet. Emily is making more enemies by the day. This book is second most complex book in the series. The story keeps switching between characters and scenes.
My favourite bit in the book is when Emily and her new friend Leon go into a bar and try to find a pilot to take them to Alledia. The only thing I’d change in the book is when Emily keeps on having dreams at night. I would have Emily having visions during the day and night as it would be more interesting.

5 stars

Reviewed by Stephen from Newtown and Newtown School , 10 years old

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