Kids’ Club Review by Stephen: Amulet

AmuletAmulet, by Kazu Kibuishi (1978-)

Amulet – Prince of the Elves is book 5 in the series. The Elf King and Max have now become allies. This will effect the book 5 and 6 of the series. Max has stolen the mother crystal so he and the Elf King can get the ancient creature from the mountains to become another allie. This ancient creature will be able to boost the Elf King’s army’s power. Max succeeds in getting the ancient creature out of lutucia’s ice prison. Emily and Vigo try to stop Max from destroying the towns and cities, and to bring balance to the Council and to stop the Elf war.
My favourite bit was how Max got into the ice prison and his destruction of Lutucia. If I had to change something in the story I would have more time on how Max and the Elf King got into the ice prison and have more guards there and more of a battle.

5 stars

Reviewed by Stephen from Newtown and Newtown School , 10 years old

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