Kids’ Club Review by Sophia L.: Hey warrior

Hey warrior / Young, Karen

This book is about anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling that can happen to anyone, It is a feeling when you can’t relax like that feeling when you miss a step on the stairs or feel that you are about to fall off the bed when you’re asleep. Anxiety happens because it thinks there is something that needs to protect you from. This part of your brain is called the amygdala It is not very big. Your amygdala switches on when it thinks there is danger so it fuels your body. But it might be a problem sometimes because it sometimes switches on when there is no danger at all. Your amygdala does not think well so when it thinks there is danger it switches on! Kind of like when you have burnt toast and the fire alarm goes on. When its protecting you so much then you can just talk to your amygdala because it is always will be ready to listen to you and it will listen. So you might want to say that you are in charge of your body.

4 stars

Reviewed by Sophia L. from Tawa and , 8 years old

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