Kids’ Club Review by Sophia L.: Bullies and buddies

Bullies and buddies / Zombie, Zack

I rate it 4 stars because there is a lesson. There was a zombie and one day when he went to school his mum kissed him goodbye in front of his classmates and he was embarrassed. On the same day a new person called Mutant joined and he was humongous! and there was this other kid named Mike one of Zombie’s friend’s cousin which Zombie and his friends were against. Mike and Mutant became friends so Zombie and his friends thought they were doomed. One day Zombie’s class played Dodgeball and all the teams were picked and Zombie and his friends Slimey, Skelee and Creepy were an extra group and Mike and Mutant counted as a team because Mutant counted as three people because he is so big. Another day in the weekend Zombie’s Dad gave him some money. Zombie was so happy! The next day Mutant and Mike were walking together and then they saw Zombie and the bad thing that happened they heard Zombie’s coins from Zombie’s pocket so they headed towards Zombie. When they came up to Zombie Mike told Mutant to hold Zombie upside down so the coins fall out. When the coins fell out Mike and Mutant caught them and mutant dropped Zombie. One day when Zombie went to a place, Mutant was also there but they did not notice each other at first until Zombie found a bunny he thought it was cute but then it started attacking him!!! Moments later he saw Mutant playing with the same kind of bunny that started attacking Zombie suddenly Mutant’s little brother said” Oh! hope you’re not playing with those bunnies again”! Then another voice started talking it was Mutant’s big brother and he said, “YOU ARE SO ANNOYING MUTANT!!!!!!!!” Then Mutant started crying then Zombie came up and said, ” Stop bullying him!” Mutant’s big brother replied” Take him we don’t want him!” The next school day they played Dodgeball again because Mutant was not there so Mike made his team with the best players and a bit the naughtiest. Then again Zombie and his friend’s team was an extra. Firstly Mikes team got Slimey and Creepy out but Skelee was amazing! he got out two players in Mikes team. but then Mikes team mate got Skelee out suddenly the gym doors opened and Mutant came in bursting out when Mike saw him he tried to give Mutant a high five but Mutant just walked right past him like he did not even see him and came to me he put his pinky out for a high five for Zombie and joined his team and won!!!!! So the lesson is that Bullies can become your buddies 😀

4 stars

Reviewed by Sophia L. from Tawa and , 8 years old

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