Kids’ Club Review by Meredith: The slightly alarming tale of the whispering wars

The slightly alarming tale of the whispering warsThe slightly alarming tale of the whispering wars, Jaclyn Moriarty ; illustrations by Kelly Canby

I think that this book was great! There are two main characters, Finlay and Honeybee. They take turns one chapter after another to tell the story. It is really funny and it is filled with Shadowmages (people who get their magic from weaving dark thread) like sterling silver foxes, witches and sirens and the Spellbinders who are the only people able to stop the dark magic. There are also good mages like faeries who get their magic from good thread. The whisperers, normally kind people who are also shadowmages, are kidnapping children and supercharging their whispers to lure more people in to their kingdom, but no one knows why. Finlay and Honeybee spot two strange children standing in the town square. Who are they and why are they there? Could that change the course of history forever?
This book follows on from the Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone and the two books share some of the same characters. You don’t need to read them in order but the second one does give away a few things about the first – so you have been warned!

I would advise this book for all lovers of fantasy, adventure and let’s say, a spoonful of mischief. Age 7+.

5 stars

Reviewed by Meredith from Central City and St Mark’s Church School , 9 years old

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