Kids’ Club Review by Keya: Pink & green is the new black

Pink & green is the new blackPink & green is the new black, Lisa Greenwald

In the third book in the Pink and Green series, Lucy Desberg’s life could not be better. Her dad lives in the same city as her, she finally has her own boyfriend, Yamir… and he’s her best friend’s brother! Plus, the eighth grade masquerade is coming up, and Lucy’s in charge of all the make-up!

But she’s keeping a secret – Yamir isn’t answering any of her texts or e-mails. And whenever they meet, he seems very vague. And what’s up with that new boy, Travis? Even worse, Lucy can’t get her head around so many things at once! She’s overwhelmed, and when all this drama’s over, she just wants to relax.

But is it to be, or not to be?

4 stars

Reviewed by Keya from Central City, 11 years old

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