Kids’ Club Review by Jacob: The blizzard challenge

The blizzard challengeThe blizzard challenge, by Bear Grylls

This book was a great book. It’s about a boy called Olly who went on a camp for the first time. On the first day he didn’t take part and didn’t like camp at all. However that night a compass comes and transports Olly to a mountain that is very cold. Bear is there to guide him but then the storm hits and they have to make a hole to protect themselves. Olly realises he is actually enjoying himself. He then goes to sleep and ends up back at camp. Olly then gives camp a fair go and ends up liking camp. If you like books that have lots of action then you should read this.

4 stars

Reviewed by Jacob from Cummings Park and Ngaio School , 9 years old

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