Kids’ Club Review by Harshit Kumar: The miserable mill

The miserable mill / Snicket, Lemony

I rated this book 4 stars because it tells that the Orphans are going to live with a new guardian at a mill. The man treats the kids very badly by making them do the work in the mill and by only giving them Gum for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One time Klaus is acting strange that Violet and Sunny do not understand. He acts like if he is forgetting things but they find out that he is hypnotized. Klaus’s glasses keep getting broken so they go to the eye doctor but now the three orphans are trapped by the receptionist Shirley. The orphans then try to prove to the guardian that he is Count Olaf but he ignores them. Klaus is always being hypnotized so Violet and Sunny try to figure out who is hypnotizing Klaus. He is Dr. Orwell. Then Mr. Poe comes to solve the matter and the Orphans Proved to Mr. Poe that Shirley is Count Olaf and their guardian is Count Olaf’s assistant. Mr. Poe calls the police to arrest them but they escape again. Now they are going to be boarding school.

4 stars

Reviewed by Harshit Kumar from Tawa and Hampton Hill School , 9 years old

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