Kids’ Club Review by Harshit Kumar: The grim grotto

The grim grotto / Snicket, Lemony

I rated this book 5 stars because it tells that the three orphans are going down the mountains and then a submarine rescues them and they meet a new man called Captain Whiddershins Who has a daughter named Fiona who is Mycologist and a crew whose name is Phil, Then the kids became friends and they followed the Captain’s orders and they also went on an investigation to find a sugar bowl in the Grim Grotto. They discover mushrooms in the Grotto and if one of them got poisoned, the poisoned one would die within 1 hour. Sunny got poisoned after the investigation but she got cured at the end of the hour but on Violet’s birthday, Captain Whiddershins and Phil are gone and the Orphans and Fiona figured out that Count Olaf had captured them with his assistants. Violet was happy to see her brother Fernald Whiddershin. He had worked in the VFD before he joint Count Olaf’s team and the orphans escaped while Finoa worked in Count Olaf’s team as well as his brother.

5 stars

Reviewed by Harshit Kumar from Tawa and Hampton Hill School , 9 years old

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