Kids’ Club Review by Hannah: The sisterhood of the travelling pants

The sisterhood of the travelling pants, by Anne Brashares

Four very different friends.

One pair of very special pants.

A summer apart.

Most people would say that rating a book five stars is you over exagerating, but this is one of the books that couldn’t deserve it more.

You see, the sisterhood, that’s Bridget, Tibby, Lena and Carmen, are having thier very first summer apart. The only thing that will measure the bond between them this summer is The Pants.

When energetic Bridgit travels to Mexico for soccor camp, and meets muscle boy of her dreams, what can go wrong? Needless to say, when things get serious, how can Bridget have her calm sensible friends to guide her?

When serious but fun Carmen goes to her father’s place up in South Carolina she expects to have time with her dad, swimming, playing tennis, eating out on the beach. Instead, she’s in for the shock of her life when Her dad hasn’t told her something big. Very, very big.

Who can help poor Carmen with her anger?

When the doll of the girls, Lena, travels to Grease to visit her grand parents, what will happen to herself, her paintings, and Kostos, the greek boy who Lena claims to detest but, really, can’t figure out? Lena needs a friend to confide.

And poor Tibby, left at home in Washington DC, meets a young 12 year old girl named Bailey, who has cancer. Tibby points out straight away that there is an age difference between them, but Bailey brushes that aside. Reluctantly, Tibby agrees in a disgrunteled manner to let them hang out. But when Bailey’s cancer gets worse, Tibby realises that Bailey is a true friend. All Tibby has to do is tell her this. But can Tibby get there before something awful happens?

So the pants keep the girls together this summer. They all need a friend, so can the pants stand by them?

*only read this book 11+, mild innapropriate launguage.

5 stars

Reviewed by Hannah from Cummings Park, 11 years old

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