Kids’ Club Review by Genevye: Double Cross

Double Cross, by Louise Park

I actually think this book is amazing , because Valentina is Molly’s friend and Miya is Addie’s friend. It’s like they are versing each other. This is the enjoyest bit about this book , When Addie went one one of the savasaurs , she offered her hand to Valentina . Then after a while Valentina went on one of the savasurs like Addie did . Then she offered her hand to Addie . It was a bit nice of Valentina to do this . She also said My turn to give you a hand up Addie. Then she gave her a small smile . I really think this book is nice and joyful .

5 stars

Reviewed by Genevye from Central City and Churton Park School , 7 years old

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