Kids’ Club Review by Charlotte Bailey: Hannah’s night

Hannah's nightHannah’s night, by Komako Sakai (1966-)

I thought this book was a bit babyish for me but it was a bit nice. I liked the bit when she got out and went to have a pee with her cat Shiro. It made me giggle.

The bit that I didn’t like was when she stole her sister’s doll and music box because that’s not a nice thing to do. I would feel cross if someone did that to me but the book acts as if its ok….

The bit that was cute to me is when she woke up and it was still dark with her cat on her bed.

I liked the pictures. My favourite picture is when they’re on the loo and the cat is in the kitty litter.

I think this is a good book for 4 year olds and under.

3 stars

Reviewed by Charlotte Bailey from Johnsonville and West Park School , 6 years old

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