Kids’ Club Review by Ann: Small spaces

Small spacesSmall spaces, Katherine Arden

I thought this book was really creepy. when you have read to the middle, you don’t even know whats going to happen next! Are you scared of scarecrows? well if you do then you can’t even imagine being Ollie, Coco and Brian! they have experienced being chased by scarecrows, seeing their class being captured by scarecrows and turning them in to scarecrows and I’ll tell you a secret! Shh… when the mist becomes rain, all the scarecrows that were once human turned into scarecrows by the smiling man will transform into a human again! P.S avoid large spaces at night! Keep to small (if you don’t want to be captured by a scarecrow)!

5 stars

Reviewed by Ann from Karori and Northland School , 7 years old

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