Kids’ Club Review by Alice: The mane guide to My little pony.

The mane guide to My little pony.The mane guide to My little pony.,

It was really good and sparkly. My favourite pony is pinkie pie and rainbow 🌈 dash. This book is called the mane guide to my little Pony. The book is about the different ponies and a little story about them. Pinkie Pie’s cutie mark is one yellow balloon and two blue balloons. Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark is a rainbow shaped like a lightening bolt and a little white cloud. This book is really good if your friend is having a pony themed birthday and is good for 3 year old or above and if they can’t read, their parents can read it to them.

5 stars

Reviewed by Alice from Cummings Park and , 6 years old

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