Kids Newsletter – March

In our March newsletter, new kids’ fiction and non-fiction, plus the most popular DVDs and comics this month, and YOUR reviews! Have a read:

Library News

Junior Fiction

Image courtesy of Syndetics Save Rafe -Middle School;6, by James Patterson
“Middle schooler Rafe Khachadorian faces his greatest challenge yet as he struggles to complete a week-long wilderness survival course to prove to his school administrators that he can succeed”– Provided by publisher.
Image courtesy of Syndetics Archie Greene and the Magician’s Secret by D. D Everest
Archie Greene has lived with his grandmother since he was a baby, but when a mysterious package arrives on his twelfth birthday with instructions to take it to a strange bookshop in Oxford, he finds himself involved with a secret society of people who protect the world’s magical books, and discovers that he has family he never knew about.
Image courtesy of Syndetics Stone Goblins By David Melling
“Saggypant and Seepage are Stone Goblins – but they’re not much good at collecting stones! So imagine how they cope with a dragon’s tail”–Back cover
Image courtesy of Syndetics Rain Reign by Ann .M. Martin
Struggling with Asperger’s, Rose shares a bond with her beloved dog, but when the dog goes missing during a storm, Rose is forced to confront the limits of her comfort levels, even if it means leaving her routines in order to search for her pet.
Image courtesy of Syndetics Sleuth on Skates by Clementine Beauvais
Precocious eleven-year-old self-made-supersleuth Sophie “Sesame” Seade investigates the disappearance of Jenna Jenkins, a student at Cambridge University, where Sophie’s father is chaplain and her mother is Head of Christ’s College.
Image courtesy of Syndetics The Ice Dragon by George R. R. Martin
Leaving in its wake desolate cold and frozen land, the legendary ice dragon has never been tamed until it meets Adara, a winter child who looks to the creature to help save her world from destruction.

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Horrible Science: Body Owner’s Handbook.
This book is a must read book for all you Horrible Science fans out there! You will enjoy discovering how their auto-repair function works and where their top-of-the-range sensory equipment is in the guide that nobody can do without. With a new cover look and extra horrible bits at the back of the book, this title is sure to reach a new generation of readers.
Horrible Science: Killer Energy.
Prepare to be shocked, amazed and horrified! In ‘Killer Energy’ readers discover why space loos spray out frozen pee and ‘Shocking Electricity’ exposes how Hammerhead sharks use electricity to track its victims. These two titles contain fantastic fact files and quirky quizzes, teacher tests and crazy cartoons. Great resource to find facts on electricity.
Disney Infinity: Play without Limits.
A race car match between Lightning McQueen and Davy Jones?! Pirates of the Caribbean vs. Zurgbots?!, and Wreck-it-Ralph a closet chess player?! Yep believe it or not, all this is happening in the wonderful (alternate) world of. Disney Infinity: Play without Limits. This book is amazing, not mention features all your favourite Infinity characters from Disney Infinity, a unique video game with infinite possibilities for imaginative gameplay in Toy Box mode and amazing locations in Play Set mode. Join Woody, Captain Jack Sparrow, Lightning McQueen, Hiro and Baymax, Maleficent and more Disney characters as they interact in the wonderful world of Infinity… and beyond!
Horrible Science: Microscopic Monsters.
This text features science with the squishy bits left in! What makes your guts a brilliant home for bacteria? Which creature lays its eggs between your toes? Why is your toothbrush covered in germs? Get the answers in this book!
Murderous Maths: The Brain Bending Basics.
Ready for Maths like you have never seen it before? Read this book and discover how dominoes can be deadly, who would win an impossible race and how numbers can have superpowers and much more.

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Brand new year for the library! But the old favorites are still going strong in the junior comics section. Are any of these your favorites?

1. Pokémon, by Hidenori Kusaka

2. The complete Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz

3. Garfield, by Mark Evanier

4. Big Nate, by Lincoln Peirce

5. Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi

6. Chi’s sweet home, by Kanata Konami

7. Asterix omnibus, by Goscinny and Udzero

8. Adventure time, by Ryan North

9. Warriors, by Dan Jolley

10. Babymouse, by Jennifer L. Holm

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Kids’ Reviews

My pants are haunted : by Jamie Kelly My pants are haunted : by Jamie Kelly, by Jim Benton
I have read most of the Dear Dumb Diary series and I like reading them because they are funny. Once I was reading one and I couldn’t stop laughing! My little brother kept asking what was so funny, and he was laughing, even though he didn’t understand the story. A great read if you need a major giggle!
5 stars
Reviewed by Danielle from Tawa, 8 years old
Jake’s Cooking Craze, by Ken Spillman
All Jake’s friends started watching a reality TV show called “JuniorChef”, and everyone is talking about it. Jake felt left out so he started watching the show to. Now he doesn’t want to just watch it, he wants to do it. Read the book to find out what happens next!
4 stars
Reviewed by Danielle from Tawa, 8 years old
Once upon a dork Once upon a dork, by Rachel Renée Russell
This is the latest in the series and I’m giving it five stars because it was funny and I couldn’t put the book down! I told my cousin about the Dork Diaries series and she now really likes the books to. I can’t wait for the next Dork Diaries book to be released.
5 stars
Reviewed by Danielle from Tawa, 8 years old
Playground detectives Playground detectives, by Sally Rippin
My favorite character was Mika because she is a really good detective. I disliked Benny because he always shows off . If you guys want to learn a life time lesson never ever ever ever lie to anyone and don’t blame others. I would recommend this book to all age girls and boys.
4 stars
Reviewed by Mikayla from Tawa, 8 years old

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Popular DVDs

Lego has a great DVD presence at the library. The Lego movie was ranked 18 so didn’t make the cut to the top 10 this month, but if you need more Legends of Chima check out these bloopers reels!

1. My little pony, friendship is magic.
2. Legends of Chima.
3. Dino Dan.
4. Strawberry Shortcake.
5. Lego friends.
6. Rio.
7. The house of magic
8. Maleficent
9. Frozen
10. Despicable me.

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