From School to the Moon: New Kids Books in the Collection

What a fabulous selection of new books we have in the collection this month! There are so many that we can’t share them all here, but you can get a glimpse of what’s on offer from our selection below.

Are you a fan of outer space, warring dinosaur kingdoms, or life on the moon? Do you like reading about interesting new sewing projects, supernatural adventures, or …poo? There’s something here for kids of all ages and interests to explore!

Picture Books

Three little monkeys and the Grand Hotel / Blake, Quentin
“Hilda Snibbs has gone to stay at the Grand Hotel with her three little monkeys, Tim and Sam and Lulu. It’s sure to be very relaxing. But as everyone knows, when you take three little monkeys away with you, anything can happen…” (Catalogue)

Are you big / Willems, Mo
“Are YOU big? A simple question sends readers to the far reaches of the universe. From an average-size kid . . . to a hot air balloon . . . to a storm cloud . . . to the M100 Galaxy, size is a matter of perspective.” (Catalogue)

Dragonboy and the 100 hearts / Napoleoni, Fabio
“Dragonboy and his stuffed-animal friends are stuck at home, feeling as gloomy as the weather. If only they could go outside and discover something. Inside everything is the same as always. Or is it…. With patience, kindness, and old treasures made new, best friends Dragonboy, Yellow Kitty, Darwin, Drako, and Simon realize that an adventure can happen anywhere if they listen to each other and follow their hearts.” (Catalogue)

The ogre who wasn’t / Morpurgo, Michael
“Princess Clara misses her father, the King. He is always away, leaving her with the people in the palace who do nothing but tell her off. All Clara wants is to escape outside and make friends with the creatures that she finds there. Her best friend is a very small ogre. Ogres are usually baddies, aren’t they? Not this one… and he might just be able to help make Clara’s dreams come true. Maybe he isn’t an ogre at all?” (Catalogue)


Eowulf [1] : of monsters & middle school / Cavallaro, Michael
“She’s traversed reality, rescued unicorn soldiers from a pocket dimension, and fought an evil god with the help of her friend Nico Bravo. Pretty rad, even for a descendant of the legendary monster hunter Beowulf! Now she’s back home in her boring New Jersey suburb, where there are no monsters, unless you count her classmate Amadeus Hornburg – the kid everyone loves to hate. But when a mysterious supervillain returns to wreak havoc, Eowulf and Amadeus must join forces. Can Eowulf live up to her legacy and become the greatest monster hunter of all!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Absolute Zeros : Camp Launchpad / Smith, Greg
“Summer is in full swing, which means a new class of kids has arrived to attend the best space camp in Florida… or at least, it used to be. With growing competition from the trendy rival camp next door, Camp Launchpad needs all the help it can get to keep its doors open. Campers Val, Mark, and Pete are here for very different reasons, but they all have one huge thing in common: their future in the stars launches from here… if there’s still a camp to launch from.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Cross my heart and never lie / Dåsnes, Nora
“Tuva is starting seventh grade, and her checklist of goals includes: writing out a diary, getting a trendy look, building the best fort in the woods with her BFFs, and much more. But when she starts school, nothing is how she hoped it would be. Tuva is caught between feeling like a kid and wanting to know HOW to become a teenager. Then Miriam shows up and suddenly Tuva feels as if she’s met her soulmate. Can you fall in love with a girl, keep it from your friends, and survive? For Tuva, it may be possible, but it’s definitely not easy.”(Adapted from Catalogue)

You wish / Victor, Jeff
“Avery McLean is just your normal ten-year-old tomboy, helping her dad run a tiny gas station in the middle of the desert. With no friends and no fun to be had, Avery has been teaching herself card tricks to entertain passing motorists, figuring that her lonely life could use a little magic. Little does she know how much magic is about find her! By releasing the power hidden within a dusty old lamp, Avery and her new companion Gribblet are thrust into a stunning supernatural world, and must discover her own power, save her family, and find answers to questions that will change her life forever.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Chapter Books

Louder than hunger / Schu, John
“Jake volunteers at a nursing home because he likes helping people. He likes skating and singing, playing Bingo and Name That Tune, and reading mysteries and comics aloud to his teachers. He also likes avoiding people his own age . . . and the cruelty of mirrors . . . and food. Jake has read about kids like him in books–the weird one, the outsider–and would do anything not to be that kid, including shrink himself down to nothing. But the less he eats, the bigger he feels. How long can Jake punish himself before he truly disappears?” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Hunted / Melki-Wegner, Skye
“When the Fallen Star struck, it brought death and despair. But some dinosaurs survived and were changed. Their minds grew alert. They learned to speak. To dream. To wage war. As the two remaining dinosaur kingdoms fight for territory, Eleri, disgraced prince, is exiled from his home for saving an enemy soldier. Banished to the Deadlands, a terrifying desert full of tar pits and ruthless carnivores, he must join forces with a group of questionable allies to avoid becoming prey. When Eleri and his fellow exiles discover the horrific truth behind the war, they must do all they can to save their kingdoms from a lurking predator and a secret plot that might destroy them all.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Coyote lost and found / Gemeinhart, Dan
“Almost a year after settling down in Oregon, Coyote embarks on a cross-country road trip with her dad to scatter her mom’s ashes, but the journey takes an unexpected turn when she realizes the secret to the chosen resting place lies in a lost book.” (Catalogue)

Lunar / Bradford, Chris
“Luna loves living on the moon. She enjoys helping her father – a Moon Miner – on his search for precious minerals and rocks. But when a devastating meteor strike destroys their base, Luna is left stranded alone on the moon. With no shelter and few supplies, she must find a way to survive. The problem is – any hope of rescue is at least 3 days and 400,000 kilometres away … and her oxygen is fast running out!” (Catalogue)

Non Fiction

My book of horses and ponies
“Read all about favourite breeds from Shire horse to Shetland pony, find out about horses and ponies from around the globe, and be amazed by their beautiful colourings and patterns. Filled with stunning photographs, simple illustrations, and fantastic facts, this book features all the information a child would need to know about these wonderful animals, including their gaits – from trotting to galloping, horse families, and why horse-riding is good for you. Young equine enthusiasts will be excited to read this wonderful treasury of horses and ponies.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

We need poo / Farmer, Addy
“Poo is a home, a defence, a nursery, a seed-sower and lots of laughs, too. Poo is power! People and other animals poop out billions of tonnes of valuable resources every year. What a waste! In nature, poo is a way for plants and animals to help each other live and grow. It’s a language of conversation among all living things. If we can learn from other animals, poo can be used to enrich the soil, grow food, give us renewable energy, and keep our drinking water clean.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The ultimate kid’s guide to weather / Marder, Jenny
“Welcome to Earth’s atmosphere, where all weather happens! With stunning photos of Earth’s wildest weather, easy at-home experiments, and fun activities, this is the only guide kids need on their journey of learning about precipitation, lightning, thunder, tornadoes, and so much more! Author Jenny Marder, a senior science writer for NASA, accessibly explores all there is to know about weather for curious young readers.” (Catalogue)

Kids’ sewing workshop : 26 projects for young makers / Thiboult-Demessence, Karine
“Kids’ Sewing Workshop features 26 awesome patterns for young people who enjoy sewing. Each creation can be made on a sewing machine by following the super simple instructions that are accompanied by illustrated steps and diagrams. The garments are sized for an average 10-year-old girl and are sized loose.” (Catalogue)

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