Free Movie Night at Johnsonville Library

Come along to our free movie night on Friday 6th September at Johnsonville Library. This month we have a double feature.

First up at 4pm. When a goldfish princess is rescued by a small boy she decides that she wants to become human. Her father finds out and tries to stop her, but she manages to escape back to her new friend who promises to keep her safe. Together they hide from the storm that the goldfish princess’s escape created, and her father, because he wants to stop his daughter from becoming human. What will the two friends have to do to stay together.

This movie is rated G and runs for 101 minutes.

At 6pm. Long ago in Japan a boy looks after his sick mother and entertains the people in his village with music and origami. One dark night the village is attacked and the boy’s mother magically transports him away to safety, calling after him to find his father’s lost enchanted armour. Will the boy be able to find the amour and return to his village to defeat the vengeful spirits that threaten him?

This movie comes highly recommended by one of our librarians, and will be enjoyed by all.

This movie is rated PG and runs for  101 minutes.

Can’t guess what films we’re talking about? You can call the library or talk to a librarian to find out what is playing each month.

Bring your own cushion for a comfy night in. Movies will play in the Children’s section of the library.