Top 10 comics July 2015

As popular as some of the new comic series are (Adventure Time Vol. 6 has just hit the shelves) old favourites like Tintin hold their place in the running.  Long before popular film directors were making cameo appearances in their movies Hergé was adding himself into his comics.  Wondering who the blond guy with the big nose is? See if you can spot the creator in these comics.  Let us know in the comments (page number, title of comic and description of the character) and we’ll see if you agree with the experts


1. The complete Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz

2. Pokemon, by Hidenori Kusaka

3. Big Nate series, by Lincoln Pierce

4. Garfield, by Mark Evanier

5. Tintin, by Herge

6. Adventure time series, by Ryan North

7. Amulet series, by Kazu Kibuishi

8. Chi’s sweet home series by Kanata Konmai

9. Asterix omnibus by Goscinny and Udzero

10. Warriors series, by Dan Jolley