World’s toughest tongue twister

Forget ‘she sells sea shells on the sea shore’, a new tongue twister has been named as the worlds toughest.

Here it is (try to say is 10 times without making a mistake):

‘pad kid poured curd pulled cold’

A tongue-twister is a phrase that is purposefully designed to be difficult to say properly. Did you know that there is a sign-language equivalent of a tongue-twister? It’s called a finger-fumbler and is a series of signs that are difficult for hands to manage in sequence. ┬áThe phrase ‘good blood, bad blood’ is an example of a finger-fumbler and a tongue twister.

This new tough tongue twister was designed as a research experiment by psychologists who were trying to find out about the brain’s speech-planning process. Most participants in the study couldn’t say it 10 times, some even clammed up and stopped speaking altogether, and others just lost control of their mouths.

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