Librarian in the Spotlight: Alisha

Find out about your local librarians!

What is your name? Alisha

Which Libraries do you work at? Johnsonville and Tawa.

What’s the Best thing about being a librarian? It’s a combination of my three favourite things: creativity, reading and people. Ah, that’s many things. I honestly can’t decide out of the three which aspect is most enjoyable. Basically my job is really groovy.

Favourite Book? AH! Um, brain will explode, cannot decide … Maybe if I put them in a ring to fight it out I’d know? But then I’d be worried they’d injure their pages because it would be a huge pile of carnage. I guess, at this moment in time, my favourite book is “Break It Down” a collection of short stories by Lydia Davis. Even in saying that I feel like I’m betraying so many authors that I love.

When I read I like to? Utilize every cushion in the area. If that’s not possible I will settle for concrete. I like to play music but that all depends on the quality of writing. If I’m reading a comedy/adventure I’ll listen to an excessive amounts of Tom Waits and Ryan Adams. If I’m reading Lydia Davis there will be no music. I don’t like to interrupt her words with music.

If you wrote a book, what would it be about? Speculative fiction, short stories. As a child I used to write the beginnings of novels, which I could bind into a really weird, unsatisfactory book. I want to write for young adults, old adults, middle adults and children. Nothing may well come of my writing but I don’t care, there can’t be anything wrong with exercising your imagination.

If I wasn’t a librarian, I would be a … A poor writer/rich writer, whichever they’d let me be, or maybe a street clown or a school teacher.

Favourite food? Banoffee pie from Strawberry Fair. It’s so good it should be magnetized to a fridge.

Favourite place in the world? The Globe theatre, in England, when there’s a performance of the Taming of the Shrew by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Would blow my mind.

My Dream Library would have …? Tom Waits would have to be involved. He’d be telling stories, playing music, giving me high fives or living in a hut made of books in the children section. I like to think the hut would be comprised of Doctor Seuss books.