New Non Fiction: Amazing Sea Mammals and Caring for your Pets.

Info Search: Living in the Wild: Sea Mammals.

Mammals are warm blooded creatures that give birth and produce milk for their babies.  By reading this series, you have an introduction to information about sea mammals, including their classification, habitats, adaptations, food chains, life cycles, behaviors and intelligence. Each title also contains maps, charts, colorful photographs and a profile that will tell you everything you want to know about each sea mammal. I managed to learn a lot about the sea mammals that I did not know or would never have guessed. (See under Believe it or not.)

Wellington City Libraries has some new books from this series which includes :


This book is great to read if you are looking for information about the walrus, a sea mammal that spends one third of their time on land or pack ice and the other two thirds in the ocean. Find out amazing facts and answers to questions about the walrus like what do walruses use thier tusks for?, Why do walruses sometimes turn red? and what amazing thing can happen when a walrus calf loses its mother? Comes complete with fantastic photos, especially one with a female walrus and her calf.

Believe it or not: Male walruses are called bulls, female walruses are called cows and baby walruses are called carves.


This is a fantastic read! Lots of fantastic photographs, especially seal pups. (If you are a sucker for baby animals photographs like me, then this is the book to read.) Contains lots of great information, especially that you can find out the age of a sea lion by counting the growth rings in its teeth. You will also find out answers to questions about seals which includes what do seals use their claws for? and What is “hauling out”.?

Believe it or not: Whiskers are one of the most sensitive parts of a seal’s body.




Move over Free Willy, this book gives the full run down of everything you ever wanted to know about orcas/killer whales. However seal fans may not like this book as orcas are predators that hunt sea lions. Still, I find this book very enjoyable with the information and photographs. You will also find out the answers to questions like what is “spyhopping”?, why are orcas light on the bottom and dark on the top? and how do orcas hunt?

Believe it or not: Orcas give birth to one calf every three to five years and pregnancy lasts 15 to 18 months.


Sea Otters.

This is a great picture book for young children (or for parents and teachers to read to children) about sea otters. This book follows the story of a baby otter, just a little bigger than a kitten born far away in the Pacific Ocean. You will read about this sea otter’s fantastic journey as she learns how dive, find food and how she fends for herself when she becomes fully grown. There are some fantastic photographs of the baby otter devouring clams and crabs and cuddling up with her mum.

Believe it or not: By the time a sea otter is three months old, she can swim and dive by herself. When she  is one year old, she is fully grown and ready to have a baby of her own.

You will also like A rookery of penguins, and other bird groups and Giant Pandas.


Pet Guides:


What is great about these pet guides is that they are great picture books for young children (or for parents and teachers to read to children), with simple, helpful tips and advise on how to care for your pets, whether you own a cat, dog, goldfish, rabbit and horse. Kitty’s Guide to Caring for your cat covers all the basic elements of caring for your pet cat, which includes what is the best way to pick up a cat, what do cats eat and when you should take your cat to the vet.  Ruff’s guide to caring for your dog offers adviseon how to care for your dog, for example where is the best place to get a  Goldie’s Guide to caring for your goldfish provides simple information about caring for a goldfish, including feeding, cleaning the tank, and what to do if it is ill. Bunny’s guide to caring for your rabbit gives you advise on caring for your rabbit, including feeding, exercising and keeping a rabbit house clean. And finally Winnie’s guide to caring for your horse or pony tells you all you need to know about caring, feeding and exercising horses and ponies.



How to look after your pet cat.

This is the book to read if you are looking for a practical guide with expert advise on how to care for your pet cat. This book comes complete with step by step photographs and filled with useful information and guidance from how to choose a kitten or cat, feeding and healthcare. There are also photographs on various cat breeds around the world. Great for ages 5 to 9 years old.





Something a little different..

Pug and other animal poems.

This book presents a collection of eighteen whimsical animal poems that describe eccentric animal behaviors and are beautifully complemented by bright art collage illustrations. The poems and the art bring to life funny and elegant moments that take place in every animal’s life, whether  it is a fly sipping spilled milk or a cat’s quiet gift of a mouse on the doorstep.