Vote for your favourite… and WIN!

The finalists for the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards have been out for a while now, which means you’ve had heaps of time to read some and figure out your favourite… right?

Did you know that you could win a really cool prize just by voting for your favourite book?

Every year one book wins the Children’s Choice Award – this is the book that get’s the most votes by New Zealand Children. Often the authors say that it is the best award to win out of all of them.

By voting you and your school could win $1000 of book vouchers ($500 for you and $500 for your school). How many books do you think you could buy with that much money!!??

It’s really easy to vote – just go to the Children’s Choice voting page, enter your details and the name of your school, then choose your favourite book from the finalist list. Easy!

Voting closes on May 31st, so make sure you do it soon.

The New Zealand Post Book Awards winners are announced during the festival week on Monday 24th June. In the week leading up to the ceremony we have some cool, free and fun events happening that I’m sure you’d love to come to. Stayed tuned for more info on this!


Happy voting!