Daylight savings

Daylight Savings Time is when we put our clocks forward one hour so that evenings have more daylight, and mornings have less.  This is typically done near the start of spring, and clocks set back one hour to normal time in Autumn.

In 2013 NZ daylight saving will end on Sunday April 7th (that’s this week!) when the clocks go back one hour – 3:00 AM becomes 2:00 AM.  Enjoy your sleep in!

Daylight saving starts again on Sunday September 29 when the clocks go forward one hour – 2:00 AM becomes 3:00 AM.

These links have  some fascinating information about the history and origin of Daylight savings; ; Wikipedia Daylight Savings

Here are a few books you can reserve and borrow from your local library to learn more about Time!

Really really big questions about space and time by Mark Brake



Just a second by Steve Jenkins




The time book; a brief history from lunar calendars to atomic clocks by Martin Jenkins