March 21st 2013 is World Poetry Day!!!! Horray!

Horray for World  Poetry Day!

On March 21st 2013, it is World Poetry Day! It’s a chance to grab your favourite poem or book of poetry and read it out to your class, your parents or your friends. World Poetry Day is about reading, writing, publishing and generally enjoying the magic of poetry. So check out a few cool poetry books from the library or even try to write some yourself!

Here are a few to start with :

Jed’s really useful poem by Ragnhild Scamell.

The Hero Beowulf. Retold and Adapted by Eric Kimmel.

 Flamingo Bendalingo : poem form the zoo by Paula Green and fifty children.

100 New Zealand poems for children edited by Jo Noble.

The Word Witch by Margaret Mahy.