New non-fiction: From the earth to the stars

Star Wars origami : 36 amazing paper-folding projects from a galaxy far, far away

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…someone decided to make a book for people who love both Star Wars and origami. Make your favourite characters and ships and monsters from all six films. This book is probably better for those who have some basic origami skills already, but take out a few more of our origami books and you’ll be good enough to tackle these great paper sculptures.




Pixar Character Encyclopedia

Pixar makes great movies, there’s no doubt about that! Now you can get the inside scoop on all of your favourite characters, from Woody the Cowboy to Merida, the rebellious Scottish princess. It also covers the ‘smaller’ characters who you might have missed the first time around.






How they croaked: awful ends of the awfully famous

This talks about the lives and especially the ends of the lives of the great and good and not so good. Scientists, royalty, composers and explorers all feature, with special attention paid to the medical facts behind each person’s death.






The skull in the rock: how a scientist, a boy and Google Earth opened a new window on human origins

This is one of the most interesting books on paleontology that we have in the library. It begins with the nine year old Matthew,  finding a fossil while on an expedition with his Dad, the famous paleontologist, Lee Berger.  Or does it? Professor Berger was using the Google Earth app to look at fossil rich areas in a whole new way, and noticed there was an area that might need a second look…this book is as much about the processes of paleontology as it is about this very important find. A must read for those interested in paleontology, the origins of mankind and how new technology can help us take a different look at the past.



 The Impossible Rescue

Most New Zealanders know about the extraordinary feat of endurance that Ernest Shackleton undertook to survive the Antarctic wastelands.   The Impossible Rescue is a similar story from the polar (get it?) end of the world.  Three hundred American whalers were trapped in the Arctic after their ships had been trapped by ice. This book tells the story of the small group who set out to help them.





From mud huts to skyscrapers: architecture for children

This is one of the best books about architecture that we’ve got in the library. Using simple language and great illustrations, it takes you through the history of the main types of mostly Western architecture, talking about the unique features of each one. It’s a brilliant introduction to the way buildings have changed over time.