New Non Fiction: Animals and Heroes

Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kids: His Life and Ideas with 21 Experiments and Thought Experiments.

Kids of all ages will enjoy reading this book about Albert Einstein, both about his childhood and the important contributions he made to science. Complete with activities and experiments to bring Einstein’s theories and ideas to life, kids will be able to calculate the speed of light with a melted bar of chocolate, model a nuclear chain reaction using dominoes, demonstrate the expanding universe with a marshmallow peep, replicate a solar eclipse and much, much more.



Can We Save the Tiger?

Can we save the tiger and all other beautiful and extraordinary endangered species described in this new book? It’s not too late! This beautiful picture comes complete with artfully drawn illustrations both in colour and black and white,  introducing a wide range of endangered species that includes tigers, polar bears, American Bison, European crayfish and even New Zealand’s very own native bird, Kakapo, this book portrays the hash reality of  struggles these endangered animals face and points out ways that we may help.  Suitable for Children ages 5 to 8 years old and a excellent guide and resource to our world’s endangered species.



The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey the Movie Storybook.

Seen the movie? Now read and enjoy the movie book. Relive the story of The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey in this fantastic photo-filled book. Join Bilbo Baggins and the company of Dwarves battling against evil forces and their quest to recapture the lost Kingdom of Erebor. With this amazing retelling of the movie, you too can visit Middle Earth.







Did you know that penguins have dark feathers to absorb the sun’s heat and  mother penguins can lay one or two eggs at a time? All this information, complete with pictures and other amazing facts about penguins can be found in this new and exciting read from the series, Animals Are Amazing! You will read about all types penguins (noisy penguins, driving penguins, baby penguins and waddling penguins), including why penguins have wings and how they survive in the freezing cold.




So, You Want to be a Comic Book Artist? The Ultimate Guide on how to break into Comics?

So, you want to be a comic book artist? This hip, new guide presents a step by step guide to creating, publishing and marketing comic books, including developing compelling characters, approaching publishers, and adapting storylines for video games and movies. You will also find inspiration through profiles of young comics creators as well as world-famous artists who have worked on comics and cartoons such as X-Men, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and SpongeBob Squarepants.




The Animal Antics Joke Book.

Why are dogs such bad dancers? How to fleas get from one animal to another? Why was the cat scared of the tree? Find out the answers in this new, amazing joke book from the Laugh Out Loud series. This book is packed full of jokes about daffy dogs, kooky cats and peculiar parrots.