Changes to Storytime and Baby Rock & Rhyme

There have been a few changes to the days and times for Preschool Storytime and Baby Rock & Rhyme.


Here is the new schedule for Preschool Storytime:

Brooklyn Library: Tuesday 10.30am

Central Library: Tuesday and Friday 10.30am

Cummings Park Library (Ngaio): Wednesday 10.30am

Island Bay Library: Thursday 10.30am

Johnsonville Library: Tuesday 10.30am

Karori Library: Monday, tuesday and Wednesday 10.30am

Khandallah Library:  Tuesday 10.30am

Mervyn Kemp Library (Tawa): Monday 10.30am

Miramar Library: Thursday 10.15am

Newtown Library: Wednesday 10.30am

Ruth Gotlieb Library (Kilbirnie): Monday and Wednesday 10.30am


Here is the new schedule for Baby Rock & Rhyme:

Central Library: Wednesday 9.30am

Cummings Park Library (Ngaio): Tuesday 10.30am

Island Bay Library: Wednesday 9.30am

Johnsonville library: Wednesday and Thursday 9.30am

Karori Library: Thursday and Fiday 10.30am

Mervyn Kemp Library (Tawa): Friday 9.30am

Miramar Library: Tuesday 10.15am

Ruth Gotlieb Library (Kilbirnie): Friday 10.15 am


These sessions are free and no bookings are required. Preschool Storytime is designed with 3-5 year olds in mind, and Baby Rock & Rhyme is perfect for developing early literacy skills for 0-2 year olds. Go to the Kids What’s On page to find out when events are on in your local library.