Get ready to Shakeout!

If an earthquake happened right now, would you be ready? Would you know what to do?

New Zealand is an earthquake prone country and we all know how devastating the ones in Canterbury have been. You need to know and practice what to do when an earthquake strikes -have a plan for when you are at home, at school, at a friends place, or anywhere!

There is a nation-wide earthquake drill coming up called SHAKEOUT.

On Wednesday September 26th at 9.26am there will be a pretend earthquake that will hit New Zealand, so you can practice what you will do when a real one hits. over 1 million New Zealanders have registered to take part in the drill -are you participating?

If you school or family is taking part make sure you listen to the instructions of the adults around you and Drop, Cover and Hold. The Civil Defence website has information, instructions and videos about what to do in an earthquake (check out the info about other disasters like floods, volcanoes and tsunamis while you are there).