Olympic Traditions – The Olympic Rings

Have you ever wondered how we came to have the Olympic Rings and what they represent?

The French baron, Pierre de Coubertin who was the founder of the modern Olympic games came up with the idea after seeing five interlocking rings on an ancient altar at Delphi in Greece. These rings were inscribed with a truce made between armies during the ancient games.

He believed the five rings would symbolise the five continents of the world – Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania and he chose the colours red, green, black, yellow and blue because at least one of these colours can be found in the flag of every nation participating the the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Rings are found on the Olympic flag as well as all the medals presented to the placegetters in each event at the games.

Today everyone recognised the the interlocking rings as the symbol of the Olympic Games.

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