How many birds are in your garden?

Every year a group called Landcare Research ask people to do a survey of the types and number of birds found in your garden.

This year the Bird Survey Week is June 30th – July 8th. All you have to do to join in is print off the form and watch your garden for 1 hour only during the week, and note down the birds you see. Fill in the form and pop it into a letter box. You can even print off a bird identification guide so you can find out the names of the birds you spot.

The info found out by this bird survey is really important- scientists will know if the number of birds is going up or daown, and which types of birds are in different places in New Zealand. They can compare the results from this year to last year and see what has changed.

New Zealand’s birds are really amazing and often very unique in the world. We have loads of books in the library about NZ birds. Here’s my favourites:



Wellington’s own native bird sanctuary, Zealandia, is full of rare and special NZ birds. Go for a visit or check out their bird info online. If you’re lucky you might get to spot a Kiwi – cool!