Mysteries, the Unseen and Surprises

This month we have new books to surprise, sicken and wow you

Syndetics book coverPlagues, pox, and pestilence / written by Richard Platt ; illustrated by John Kelly.

This book comes with a warning; It is Infectious! Find out heaps about the planet’s nastiest diseases and their cures, real and whacky. One cure for small pox that I hadn’t heard of, was to bath in a soup of rice wine, beans and salt. It didn’t work for the Japanese but that didn’t stop them from believing it. Alternatively  you could try the popular treatment of having everything the colour red. That didn’t work either mind you. A great read, full of dirty flies and rats though so put on your gloves and mask and read all about it.

Syndetics book coverMystery math : a first book of algebra / by David A. Adler ; illustrated by Edward Miller.
Mandy and Billy visit a mysterious haunted house, where caretaker Igor (and the household cats, bats, and skeletons) demonstrate how to solve equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Maths was never as much fun in my day. This is great and so easy to understand. You’ll be algebra whizzes before the day breaks.

Syndetics book coverYou just can’t help it! : your guide to the wild and wacky world of human behavior / by Jeff Szpirglas ; [Josh Holinaty, illustrator].
Do you know why you can’t tickle yourself? How about looking in the mirror and pulling your best scared face. What do you think you would see? This book is crammed full of crazy but true weird stuf about the human body. Go ahead and check it out. You know you want to.

Syndetics book coverThe little refugee / Anh Do and Suzanne Do ; illustrated by Bruce Whatley.

This incredible story is a retelling of Anh Do’s amazing story The Happiest Refugee. Born in Vietnam he and his family escaped the war in their country and ended up in Australia. He grew up to become one of Australia’s best-loved comedians and this book was voted the 2011 Australian Book of the Year. This is a must read.
Syndetics book cover50 amazing things kids need to know about mathematics / Anne Rooney.

Find out how to flatten a planet, bend a building, make a ghost, become a millionaire and much, much more! And to think this is all maths! My favourite page is How to slide down a skyscraper. If you are  7 -11years old then check this out and find out your favourite whacky maths thing.
Syndetics book coverSurrealism for kids / Queensland Art Gallery.

Are you aged 4 years or older and enjoy art? Then this book is for you. The surrealists loved inventing and playing games with words and pictures. The Queensland Art Gallery Children’s Art Centre has chosen some of the  surrealist artists most popular games and activities for you to try out at home and they are really fun. This is a great book.
Syndetics book coverRobots, chips and techno stuff / by Glenn Murphy ; illustrated by Mike Phillips.

This book is a whirlwind tour of modern technology with none of the boring bits. Learn how a submarine sinks and see the smallest walking, talking robot. This book is packed full of techno facts and fun.

Syndetics book coverGreen glass beads : a collection of poems for girls / [edited by] Jacqueline Wilson.

Jacqueline Wilson loves every single poem in this book. I love the ones titled: Daddy Fell Into The Pond and It is a Puzzle. I wonder what your favourite will be.

Syndetics book coverHow to make a universe with 92 ingredients : an electrifying guide to the elements / Adrian Dingle.

Did you know that you are made from the same 92 ingredients that make up the entire universe? How mind-blowing is this! Fireworks, fast food and comets. All made from the same elements as you. Check this out and find out what happens when these 92 get together. Fantastic book for those interested in science and also for those who need to know but struggle to put it all together. Easy and fun photographs and explanations make science fun.

Syndetics book coverLet’s celebrate! : festival poems from around the world / edited by Debjani Chatterjee & Brian D’Arcy ; illustrated by Shirin Adl.

Here are poems celebrating 24 fantastic festivals from around the world by poets from across the globe. Look out for the Ice Festival and go wild at Tomatina! (Book cover)

Syndetics book coverA zeal of zebras : an alphabet of collective nouns / by Woop Studios.
This is more than merely an ABC book. Produced by the graphic designers of the Harry Potter franchise, this book of collective nouns contains information and amazing graphics.Each letter of the alphabet is done in a 1950’s poster style.  I had no idea that the correct terms for a goup of pandas was An Embarrassment of Pandas. Or how about A Venom of spiders or An Ostentation of Peacocks? Check it out and see how many collective nouns are new to you too.