Facts and poetry to get you laughing, thinking and being creative

This month we have a wide variety of new titles. Something for everyone. Whether your interest is experiments, learning the guitar or just rubbish, we have the book for you!

Syndetics book coverThis book is totally rubbish / illustrated by Nik Afia.
“Meet Meggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley. They are having a ‘totally rubbish day’ where they will reuse oodles of things and invent new stuff to play with. They’re doing this to help the environment and to become eco superheroes.” (Book Cover) One of the best books on recycling activities that I’ve seen. Great for Years 2 to 5.

Syndetics book coverFirst guitar tutor / Terry Burrows ; text adapted by Stephen Cole.
This book gives you tips on how to choose your first guitar and how to play it, even if you’re left handed! Great for years 5 and up.

Syndetics book coverElectric motor experiments / Ed Sobey.
“How do motors work? Using the experiments in this book, learn how to build and use your own motor! See how motors work in cars and boats. Find out what other cool things motors can do.” (Book cover) My favourite is the motor boat made out of the milk carton. Try it out! Great ideas for science fair projects here too. Perfect for all budding engineers years 2/3 and up.

Syndetics book coverI can remember World War II / Sally Hewitt.
In this book six people remember and tell you about their experinces of living through World War ll. Hear from a land girl, a child, a prisoner of war and a navy commando what is was really like. I love this book because the great layout and cool photos, cartoons and posters helped me easily learn heaps about the war. Perfect if you are interested in the Second World War and are Year 4 or up.

Syndetics book coverTerezín : voices from the Holocaust / Ruth Thomson.
This book explores the lives of Jewish people in one of the most infamous of the Nazi transit camps. Through inmates’  secret diary entries and artwork along with interviews done after the war, we get a clear picture of exactly what life was like for them in this camp.  An informative read for anyone studying or interested in the Holocaust.

Syndetics book coverWhat’s for dinner? : quirky, squirmy poems from the animal world / Katherine B. Hauth ; illustrated by David Clark.
Eating is a matter of life and death for us all, but it can also be weird, surprising, or just plain gross. Enjoy these twenty-nine poems which are all about the unusual and sometimes gruesome ways animals eat. Warning – do not try these eating habits at your own dinner table!

Syndetics book coverEverything you need to know about animals / Nicola Davies.

Did you know that the Peregrine falcon is the fastest animal/bird on earth, recorded at speeds of 270km/hour! This book is crammed with fantastic facts, illustrations and creative activities you can do at home.