Iranian Dragons

Iranian Dragons look like Chinese Dragons, but they are not friendly like them, instead they are mean like British Dragons.

They are four-legged and wingless, and enormous in size. They can swallow a horse, or even a carriage, in one gulp.

Iranian dragons are very attractive to look at. They have smooth hides that can be a large range of colours. Often they are marked with contrasting spots. They have coloured streamers that grow out of all four of their armpits. The streamers grow up into the air. What they are for is not known.

They have a single horn in their forehead that branches out. They have hairy beards and tuffs growing on their legs. They have scary blood-red eyes.

Iranian Dragons are the only dragons that do not live near moisture. Instead they live in dry places like the desert.

They breathe fire and they can talk. They are deceitful and murderous and they eat people!

If you enjoyed this post and want to read more, you can find out more about dragons in The Dragon Companion: An Encyclopedia by Carole Wilkinson. This is an adult book, but it is okay for kids to read too. All the facts in this post were taken from this book.

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