Most Wanted!

Our big bro and sis on the Teen Blog do a monthly round up of the most wanted teen books. We thought that was pretty cool, so we’re going to do it too. You know what little brothers and sisters are like – always nicking your stuff.

So here are the most wanted kid’s books. They are too hot to sit on the shelf, but if you follow the title links you can reserve your copy through the top left button where it says click to order.

It’s free to reserve kid’s books if you have a Children’s or Young Adult’s library card.


1 ) Divine Madness Robert Muchamore

2 ) The Lightning Thief Rick Riordan

3 )Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw Jeff Kinney

4 )The Karate Mouse Geronimo Stilton

5 )Christmas Catastrophe Geronimo Stilton

6 )Little Darlings Jacqueline Wilson

7 )Field Trip to Niagara Falls Geronimo Stilton

8 )Warriors : Ravenpaw’s path. 2, A Clan in Need Erin Hunter.

9 )Now Morris Glietzman.

10=) Singing Sensation Geronimo Stilton

10=)A Fabumouse School Adventure Geronimo Stilton

10=)The Race Across America Geronimo Stilton

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