Horse of the Year

the horse of the year poniesLast week in Hastings was Horse of the Year time, when heaps of people (and horses and ponies) get the chance to compete against the best in New Zealand (and Australia and other places) to find out which horses and ponies are the most beautiful, most athletic, most gymnastic, most obedient, most fabulous. There were horses of all shapes and sizes there – maybe you know someone who competed.


You can visit the website here, for information and results to find out who really was the horse of the year. Just a couple of interesting facts: if you’re horse of the year dressageinto showjumping, the horse of the year turned out to be Australian. Maybe next year. If you like dressage then you’ll be interested to know that the winner of the major Grand Prix competition was a 22 year old stallion. That’s a seriously old horse!


If you love horses there are heaps of books and things in the library to choose from. For books about riding check out this Kids’ Catalogue link, or for general horse books check out this link. Oh, and if you know the real difference between a horse and a pony make sure you let us know!