Bedtime Stories

Have you been to see Bedtime Stories, the new Adam Sandler movie? It is sooooo very funny, my daughter and I nearly fell off our seats! The basic story is that “uncle is childminding niece and nephew and begins to tell them a bedtime story. The kids chip in with some ideas (raining gumballs) and the next day that is what happens to him”. The ideas get weirder and funnier and when they say he will catch on fire, he gets really worried and goes to some very silly lengths to avoid this happening. Needless to say there is a twist on the fire idea and his life will never be the same. Fun, love and laughter abound! Go see it!

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  1. Laura 23 January, 2009 / 5:59 pm

    I heard that they were making a movie of the popular kids’ book “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” — at first I thought that this was what Bedtime Stories was based on. (Raining gumballs…)
    However, the movie for “Cloudy…” is coming! An animated movie set for the end of 2009.
    The kids book is well worth picking up, too.

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