Under the Mountain: Can two redheads save the world?

Rachel and Theo Matheson are a pair of red-haired twins from Nelson. They are staying at their cousin Ricky’s house in Auckland for the school holidays when they get embroiled in a struggle between two alien races over the fate of the Earth. Mr Jones is the goodie and the Wilberforce family are the villians. The Wilberforces are slimy slug-like creatures that can transform into humans for short periods of time. They want to take over the world and turn it into a planet of mud.


Can Rachel and Theo rescue the planet from the filth of alien imperialism…?


Under the Mountain is an exciting adventure set amongst the volcanoes and waterways of Auckland city, and was written by the wonderful Mr Maurice Gee.


(By the way, we have also got the DVD of the 1980s TV series in the Young Adult section.)