Two recent reports of interest

Two reports have recently been published that will interest Wellington’s business community.

In February MBIE’s Chief Economist Unit published a working paper entitled 
New Zealand’s areas of (economic) strength : A literature review
The abstract says :  This report presents the findings of a literature review about New Zealand’s areas of economic strength (and critical weakness) compared with other countries. As well as considering ‘traditional’ areas of economic strength using a product/industry lens, this review deliberately takes a broad view of areas of strength. On the former, New Zealand has current and historic strengths in agriculture, some niche manufactures and tourism. On the latter, New Zealand has performed consistently well over time in areas such as fundamental institutions, social capital/trust, health, education and employment. New Zealand’s comparative weaknesses include our persistently poor productivity performance, and some environmental and distributional outcomes. The persistence in many strengths and weaknesses highlights the role of path dependence in New Zealand’s economic

The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research has recently published Zooming into better work-life balance?  Gender and equity insights from New Zealanders’ experiences with working from home in which the authors “… assess the potential implications of the increasing trend towards working from home on wellbeing and career progression, particularly regarding the impact on women. Although most New Zealanders found the working from home experience during the recent lockdowns a positive experience overall, our research commissioned by ASB Bank finds women took on a greater share of childcare and home-schooling duties. We discuss ways to mitigate the impacts on career progression to ensure equity for all workers”.

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