Workplace Wellness Report 2021

The Workplace Wellness report 2021 has just been released.

Undertaken every two years by Southern Cross Health Insurance and BusinessNZ, the report is now in its fifth edition.

Unsurprisingly there has been an increase in workplace flexibility with more businesses offering a work from home option.  While most employees find this positive there has also been an increase in the feelings of isolation.  Overall businesses report an increase in stress levels around workload.

Mental health and wellbeing resources

In times of uncertainty it’s normal to feel anxious and stressed.  Whether you are a business owner whose business has had  to shut down abruptly or an essential worker trying to juggle home demands with work requirements,   these are some of the online support services available.

New research out today has found   “… a significant increase in the number of New Zealanders turning to digital health services for support during covid”.

Just a Thought   offers free online course Staying on Trackto help you tackle worry and stress, so you can take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing”. 

 The Mental Health Foundation  has a range of resources to support individuals or help others close to those who may be struggling.

Their Open Minds e-learning is designed to  “… help people managers to support employees experiencing mental distress or illness at work”.

Site Safe  offers up some Tools for Mental Health particularly for those in the construction and allied industries

There is government financial support available for businesses and more about business entitlements can be found here

Take care of yourself and take care of each other.   Stay safe.