Adversaries into Allies: just one of the new management books in the library

Syndetics book coverAdversaries into allies : win people over without manipulation or coercion / Bob Burg.
“Bob Burg’s newest is a classic…Bob Burg has written a book that will become known as the standard on creating positive, constructive relationships in business and in life. Not since the classic “Getting To Yes” has there been a resource so useful and so real world practical on how to turn difficult relationships into fulfilling partnerships. “Adversaries Into Allies” is a book that you’ll read every year – it’s that powerful. This is really a great book and I give it the highest recommendation”. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverForget a mentor, find a sponsor : the new way to fast-track your career / Sylvia Ann Hewlett.
“Great career advice: Yes mentors matter; sponsors are crucial…As a “how to get on in life and business” topic mentorship has been talked about for years. What Sylvia Hewlett addresses in this book is why mentorship is great … but not enough. What you really need she argues are “sponsors” – so not just a person who gives you quiet advice 1-on-1 over over coffee. But someone who advocates for you when you are not in the room – someone who uses their organizational/political capital to advance your interests, albeit as part of a compact where both sides benefit. Based on concrete research and crucially giving advice about the way to proceed, and potential pitfalls along the way, Sylvia Hewlett’s book is an important contribution to the understanding of how organizations work and how to get ahead!” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe up side of down : why failing well is the key to success / Megan McArdle.
“Multiple iterations almost always beats single-minded focus around a single idea.” We don’t have to get it right the first time, or even a majority of times. Instead, it is in getting things wrong that we learn to ultimately get them right. Megan McArdle writes a fun, engaging, and convincing book that tells us success is often learned through failure… Her style reminded me of Gladwell – her writing is readable, and loaded with relevant, interesting stories. It’s a non-fiction book that reads like fiction. McArdle’s book could benefit anyone, regardless of vocation or political beliefs” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverStrategic partnering : remove chance and deliver consistent success / Luc Bardin, Raphaël Bardin, and Guillaume Bardin.
” Successful partnerships have always been a critical source of business growth and are becoming ever more essential in today’s connected economy. However, even as companies become increasingly inter dependent, strategic partnering today fails far more often than it succeeds because it is approached as an art instead of a science. BP executive, Luc Bardin, presents a clear, easy to use model for partnering that has evolved from feedback and examples from the world’s leading CEOs and companies. His model includes a practical, well tried set of rules and methods and treats partnering as a process. He provides a guide for the many aspects of cooperation, including selecting a strategic partner, building relationships, designing the partnership vision and plan, developing a core value proposition and how to measure outcomes. Packed with case studies from leading Fortune 100 companies and personal interviews with their C Suite level executives, Strategic Partnering provides a useful roadmap for a successful partnership”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverThe power of understanding people : the key to strengthening relationships, increasing sales, and enhancing organizational performance / Dave Mitchell.
“How to build lasting connections through meaningful communication Developing successful relationships is critical to our success in both our personal and professional lives. The Power of Understanding People shows you how to establish and develop extremely effective relationships by providing you with techniques to better identify and understand the intrinsic needs of others. As a result, you will achieve better team dynamics, increased sales and client satisfaction, higher levels of employee engagement and performance, and even more satisfying marriages and friendships. This book provides the tools to understand others’ unique communication style as well as your own. Get detailed advice on how to adjust to diverse communication styles, develop a unifying language for the organization, and better match motivational techniques to team members. Through storytelling and experiential exercises, author Dave Mitchell helps you gain insight into your own unique interaction style and teaches you how to communicate, motivate, sell, and service more successfully no matter the personality types involved. Offers insight into the behavior cues and questions to ask to better understand someone’s interactive preferences Explains how to enhance your sales efforts by better targeting your brand message to the client’s style so that your products/services resonate with them more Examines strategies for creating a high performing work environment and achieve greater customer service excellence Contains conflict resolution strategies, including how to effectively work out differences within a team, between work units, with customers, and even in your personal life Armed with the ability to interpret the behavior of the people around you, you will achieve greater levels of success at work and at home while also learning how to better handle the difficult situations involving people in your life”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverLeading high performance / Murray Eldridge.“Guide your career and your business like an athlete with this excellent leadership guide
Thought provoking, instructive and constructive. I love the concept of using the principles of coaching a sport to those of running a high performance company. Murray Eldridge offers practical guidance to being a good leader/coach, setting goals and objectives, talent selection and appraisals, driving performance and performing well yourself.

Based generally around the notion that coaches and competitors in sport have nowhere to hide when it comes to their performance; shouldn’t it be possible to emulate that in the business world? The author provides a step-by-step journey to driving the best performance from yourself and your people. “Leading High Performance” is the new handbook for successful organizations!” (Amazon reviewer)

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New business books are flying in through the door – Wellington City Libraries

Syndetics book coverThe effortless experience : conquering the new battleground for customer loyalty / Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick DeLisi.
“The Effortless Experience provides insights, case histories, and business analysis that will enhance and create improvements in customer service and customer loyalty in today’s hyper-competitive markets and industry. One of the customer service myths this book exposes is that customers want to be consistently “delighted” in their interactions with companies today. Matt Dixon, Nick Toman and the CEB Team have provided a business analysis framework, case histories/examples and compelling evidence of what customers really want in most interactions – service and support that reduces the effort and friction points to get customer’s service/ support issues quickly and efficiently solved. I expect this book to have the same impact – powerful insights backed by extensive research – on customer service and loyalty that The Challenger Sale book had on complex business-to-business sales. This book is a must buy! ” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverMobile marketing : how mobile technology is revolutionising marketing, communications and advertising / Daniel Rowles.“Something for everyone, whatever your level….As with most of Daniel Rowles work, this book is pitched at just the right level so there’s something for everyone. There’s tips and advice for those new to mobile marketing and are looking to understand more about what it can do for them, and then there is a lot of top level support around mobile strategy and linking this with other marketing activities. I’ve been working in marketing and digital for over 10 years and mobile is often something i’m asked about but only have a fairly basic understanding of, this book has really helped me to get to grips with the mobile offering and how it fits into the wider marketing mix. I really liked the helpful tools section, it gave me a starting place to work from and cut through the plethora of companies all claiming to deliver mobile and I now feel a lot more confident in holding my own with specialists. There’s also plenty of further reading as my understanding develops and I want to know more.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverBig bang disruption : strategy in the age of devastating innovation / Larry Downes and Paul Nunes.
“A must read book for all CxOs and executives….This book is a must read to all CxOs and executives. The authors do a fantastic job to explain how disruption now can occur very rapidly, generating “creative destruction” faster than before (when the great Clayton Christensen wrote about the innovator’s dilemma). I also liked the discussion about how the Chasm and the adoption curve changed with the new Big Bang disruption phenomena. They also discuss Michael Porter, Blue Ocean Strategy and others. Read it to understand how today’s and tomorrow technologies are now exponentially disrupting established industries and what to do to stay in the game.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe fall of the alphas : the new beta way to connect, collaborate, influence–and lead / Dana Ardi.“Dana Ardi builds on her broad global experience to demonstrate that, in the new Beta organisation (“Creative; Eco-driven; Collaborative; Shared Vision”) new managers learn to play to their strengths by leading through influence, teamwork and collaboration but recognise their own weaknesses thus allowing people to support them in delivering success. Beta leaders know employees’ interests and passions, thus recognising what is critically important to meet their aspirations and they care about their future, whilst understanding where they came from (“Lifeline Exercise”). Today you want people for whom the mission they are going to be tackling with a team is what excites them and then reward, to create a commonality of purpose, by making equity go as deep into an organisation as possible.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverSocial collaboration for dummies / by David F. Carr.
“Great Simple How-to Guide for Emerging Social Businesses…Social Collaboration for Dummies provides a simple yet complete guide to a topic of emerging importance, how people collaborate to achieve improvements in knowledge sharing, engagement, innovation and productivity. Social media is changing the customer buyer journey, decision process and their expectations can only be effectively met and fulfilled by an empowered and social employee workforce. David discusses these critical concepts and more in a concise and conversational tone that’s informative and easy to digest. David Carr is a recognized Social Business and Collaboration expert and technology/business editor for publications such as Information Week and CIO Magazine.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverSolving problems with design thinking : 10 stories of what works / Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King, and Kevin Bennett.“Design Thinking Is More Than Creating A Logo…One of the first things I noticed was the truly creative approaches one could take when applying the principles from one field and applying them to another. This book does a great job of illustrating ten different and unique design approaches to solve problems. Each chapter (based on one of the ten approaches) provides real life stories and conversations with managers, designers, and organizational leaders that enhance the value of each approach. I came away from this book with a better appreciation for problem solving outside of the box. One of the ways to find better solutions is to use more creative approaches. This has strategic implications for organizations at all levels.” (Amazon reviewer)

Business books recently added to our collection

Syndetics book coverGet big fast and do more good : start your business, make it huge, and change the world / Ido Leffler and Lance Kalish.“A conversation with the masterminds behind Yes To Carrot…Yes To Carrots has grown to unimaginable success, all while creating a thoughtful and environmentally friendly product and company. Meet Leffler and Lance Kalish, two entrepreneurs from Australia with completely different paths and skills. The book is structured in a conversation/interview fashion, essentially welcoming the reader into the conversation. Leffler and Kalish share their experiences & advice as students, family members, and as entrepreneurs. If you’re a young lad (18-30) considering entrepreneurship or someone who is looking for a new opportunity after decades of working, “Get Big Fast and Do More Good” is a good starting point. Recommended.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverKiller presentations with your iPad: how to engage your audience and win more business with the world’s greatest gadget / Ray Anthony and Bob LeVitus with Barbara Boyd ; foreword by Guy Kawasaki.
“Timely and Cutting Edge….This is an extraordinary book–critical at this time–for all types of presenters, whether business or technical. It is especially valuable for salespeople who want a persuasive edge to stand out from their competition. Whether you are a beginner presenter and newbie to an iPad or a seasoned, successful speaker who has worked the iPad for a while, this book fits the bill. If you want your presentation to be something special and powerful, then the ideas, tips and examples will give you what you need to create it. Ray Anthony’s books are well-written, right on and inspiring from beginning to end. Get this book and get ready to go to a new level of success!” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverNo excuses : how you can turn any workplace into a great one / Jennifer Robin, Michael Burchell.
“The business leader’s guide to creating a great workplace from the Great Place to Work(r) Institute. In this follow-up guide to The Great Workplace, experts from Great Place to Work(r) Institute, Inc. reveal the most common excuses managers use for why they can’t create a great workplace. Authors Jennifer Robin and Michael Burchell poke holes in every single excuse. Whether the reasons involve the organization’s leadership, employees, environment, or any other factor, the authors explain that if managers lead people properly, they can create a great workplace. The authors explore how managers can interrupt their own negative thought patterns and instead create lasting change, and they describe how great workplaces have surmounted very real difficulties with aplomb. Includes case studies, stories, tips, and tools for managers who want to transform their organizations From the experts at the Great Place to Work(r), a global research, consulting, and training firm that operates in nearly 50 countries Proves that any and every organization can change for the better when managers have the right tools and mindset Creating a place where people want to work and want to succeed is the primary key to success for every manager. No Excuses shows that managers in any organization can transform their workplace–if they’ll only get out of their own way first”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverCreative followership : in the shadow of greatness / by James L.S. Collins with Michael R. Cooley.“Great Advice For Advancing Your Career…This Book seems so obvious and inherent, but it actually breaks new ground. James Collins furthers a concept that most certainly is NOT in vogue….”Followership”. The very word “Follow” has a bad rep, but there can be NO Leaders or business success unless there are those who know how to effectively FOLLOW (i.e. support, challenge & execute the Plans of) the Leader. Those folks are the first to be nurtured & promoted, and they ultimately become tomorrow’s Leaders and enjoy the success that comes from that. This Book explains the steps involved in effective “Followership”. I’m buying copies of this Book for my entire staff. ” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverNew business networking : how to effectively grow your business network using on-line and offline methods / Dave Delaney.
“Being an avid reader of business and professional development books, I can say many books focus on why you should do something while falling short on giving actionable how to advice. This is not one of those books. This one is bursting at the seams with useful information that you can use and benefit from immediately. With so much information regarding the processes, tools, and tips on “how to effectively grow your business network” this book is a must read for anyone looking to build relationships – which should be everyone. Another great thing about this book is that most sections have networking tips focused on benefiting you from a personal level as well as from a business level.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverBig data marketing : engage your customers more effectively and drive value / Lisa Arthur.“Smart, strategic approach to leveraging data for high-impact marketing….Big Data Marketing” is the book marketing executives and managers need now to effectively compete and deliver high performance marketing. Lisa Arthur provides a holistic approach to managing and leveraging data to drive strategic decisions in 5 practical steps. Lisa presents a roadmap for creating metrics and driving value that includes the critical need to have organizational roles and alignment in place. She identifies potential barriers and provides guidance on proactively addressing these. This is the right book at exactly the right time. In a relatively short period of time marketing organizations went from suffering from a lack of data to being overwhelmed with too much data. Big data is a term that has been endlessly referenced in marketing without any clear vision for managing this as a marketing asset. This book finally moves past the tactical discussions of click-throughs and engagement to present a strategic perspective on customers, integration, analytics and ROI. Well-written and easy to follow, it’s a book that will get you thinking and motivate you to generate big wins from your organization’s big data.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverPredictive business analytics : forward-looking capabilities to improve business performance / Lawrence S. Maisel, Gary Cokins.“More than Forecasting…This book will be of value to those wanting to have some mystery removed about terms like big data and business analytics. Chapter 1 alone is worth the price of the book. The authors, both seasoned professionals and widely published, provide a common sense explanation on how capabilities with predictions reduces uncertainty which then leads to decisions and plans with more confidence. This book is not as much about complex mathematical equations for “data scientists” but rather about how and why the need for predictive business analytics has been escalating for organizations. It explains that organization must now be much more nimble and agile in making decisions and quickly navigating paths that were previously foggy and can now be clearer.” (Amazon reviewer)

Business books new to Wellington City Libraries

Syndetics book coverTurnaround challenge : business and the city of the future / Michael Blowfield and Leo Johnson.“In a useful contribution to the sustainable communities debate, Michael Blowfield & Leo Johnson take a Goldilocks and the Three Bears approach to the sustainable city of the future, discussing Petropolis (too hot), Cyburbia (too cold) and the Distributed City (just right). Unlike many sustainable communities discussions, though, Turnaround Challenge takes a solidly business- rather than social-science-led approach, which helps us away from the somewhat utopian visions which occasionally predominate. The underlying thesis is drawn straight from Schumacher’s Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered — that business can be more productive in human-sized environments than when it is given free rein to conform the world to its own model.” (Amazon UK Reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe art of negotiation : how to improvise agreement in a chaotic world / Michael Wheeler.
“Harvard Business School professor Wheeler, a member of the school’s Negotiation, Markets & Organizations unit, offers a clear-headed, creative approach to negotiation that is on a par with the canonical texts, Getting to Yes and You Can Negotiate Anything. Those titles suggest abandoning hardball tactics and turning every interaction into a negotiation. Wheeler, on the other hand, posits that the most important aspect of negotiation is improvisation and constant flexibility, acknowledging that each party goes into a negotiation without truly understanding the other person’s position. Often, each party’s real needs don’t emerge until the negotiations are in progress. Wheeler discusses strategies for managing uncertainty and understanding the true extent to which preferences, needs, and relationships are constantly changing. He steers readers toward making wise decisions about whether or not to pursue a negotiation in the first place, conducting sufficient research, keeping their cool, and closing the deal. Wheeler’s lucid, engaging voice is a major asset, and sample scripts help drive home his points. Agent: Jim Levine, Levine Greenberg Literary Agency. (Oct.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved” (Publisher Weekly)

Syndetics book coverBecoming a better boss : why good management is so difficult / Julian Birkinshaw.“Birkinshaw writes persuasively and with a disarming lack of pretension, sprinkling practical advice throughout. But the best aspect of this truly excellent book … is that the author recognises most management studies ignore the reality of workplaces.” (People Management, September 2013)
“This thoughtful, nuanced book advises managers to see the world through the eyes of the employee…. The author has some powerful supporting witnesses.” (Financial Times, September 2013)
‘Becoming a Better Boss is a very engaging and informative’ (IEDP, September 2013)” (Editorial reviews)

Syndetics book coverBeyond the idea : simple, powerful rules for successful innovation / Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble.
“In this timely book, Tuck School of Business professor Govindarajan and consultant Trimble (coauthors of Reverse Innovation) show how innovation can be used in any business situation. Noting that most companies are built for day-to-day operations rather than for innovation, the authors present strategies for change, deftly detailing three business models that overcome these limitations: model S, for small initiatives; model R, for repeatable initiatives; and model C, for other initiatives. Illustrating their theories with business plans from BMW, Apple, and other companies, the authors point out the potential pitfalls of each approach. Next, they explain how to assemble targeted teams to execute these initiatives: dedicated teams, which are assigned to these ventures full time, or nearly full time; and shared staff, who contribute to these projects while also performing their regular jobs. Govindarajan and Trimble describe how to avoid conflict between the two teams while simultaneously maximizing their output and inspiring their dedication. A final chapter on lessons learned solidifies these action plans. Three appendices deal with strategy, change, and the role of the chief innovation officer (an increasingly popular job title), respectively. Written in an accessible style, this useful book will help companies of any size tackle the task of innovation with relatively little risk. Agent: Greg Ray, International Thought Leader Network. (Sept.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved” (Publisher Weekly)

Syndetics book coverThe myths of creativity : the truth about how innovative companies and people generate great ideas / David Burkus.
“How to get past the most common myths about creativity to design truly innovative strategies. We tend to think of creativity in terms reminiscent of the ancient muses: divinely-inspired, unpredictable, and bestowed upon a lucky few. But when our jobs challenge us to be creative on demand, we must develop novel, useful ideas that will keep our organizations competitive. The Myths of Creativity demystifies the processes that drive innovation. Based on the latest research into how creative individuals and firms succeed, David Burkus highlights the mistaken ideas that hold us back and shows us how anyone can embrace a practical approach, grounded in reality, to finding the best new ideas, projects, processes, and programs. Answers questions such as: What causes us to be creative in one moment and void in the next? What makes someone more or less creative than his or her peers? Where do our flashes of creative insight come from, and how can we generate more of them? Debunks 10 common myths, including: the Eureka Myth; the Lone Creator Myth; the Incentive Myth; and The Brainstorming Myth Written by David Burkus, founder of popular leadership blog LDRLB For anyone who struggles with creativity, or who makes excuses for delaying the work of innovation, The Myths of Creativity will help you overcome your obstacles to finding new ideas”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverBrand breakout : how emerging market brands will go global / Nirmalya Kumar, Jan-Benedict E.M Steenkamp.
“Brand Breakout is a must-read not only for those that run local companies and brands expanding internationally, but for all of us that compete against them in their own territories, and are compelled to win with global brands and strategies against a variety of very local realities.”–Juan Alanis, General Manager, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Mexico.

“As two most well-known marketing scholars on emerging markets in the world, Nirmalya Kumar and JB Steenkamp provide a definitive guideline for emerging market brands here. The eight routes proposed in this book lay out a comprehensive roadmap for those aspiring companies and countries to effectively enter global markets, and will have a far-reaching impact in the years to come. It also provides great insights on the transition of the economic development mode of China. A novel and thought-provoking masterpiece!”–Yubo Chen, Professor & Deputy Chair of Marketing, Tsinghua University

“Outstanding book. It is fascinating and undoubtedly a must read piece for managers in both Western and emerging market companies. It was eye-opening to see how Chinese and other emerging market firms are changing from a clear focus on manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies to building brand equities and allocating enough resources behind them. This is our new competition. It seems they now realize that the real value of their companies is in their brands. And it is not until they fully comprehend this that the expansion of these brand equities can really take place; Corona from Mexico is a good example.”–Henry Gomez, Vice-President Business Development for Latin America, Pepsico

“An encouraging and integral reading about how emerging markets companies could rapidly expand the value of their offering. It recognizes how crucial it becomes to unlock value through ‘the art’ of brand building with tangible and relevant principles. Certainly, leveraging the full potential of the crosscultural diaspora strategy will be fundamental for brands determined to thrive in global markets. An extraordinary book with priceless insights that every marketing manager should treasure.”–Leandro Berrone, Marketing VP Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, Part of the Heineken Company
“Finally a book that hits the marketing bullseye…The future of global brands emerging from Fast Growing Markets. Brilliant, insightful and thoroughly researched. A must read for all marketing and business professionals, from both, developed and emerging economies. I can’t wait to read the saga.”–Alejandro Cardoso, President & CEO Latinamerica Publicis
“Anyone with more than a passing interest in how global brands develop should take note…with its summaries and excellent case studies it is a worthwhile read for anyone with an interest in how brands are formed and perceptions changed.” – Financial Times” (Editorial reviews)

New management books recently received WCL Libraries

Syndetics book coverThe talent mandate : why smart companies put people first / Andrew Benett with W. Barksdale Maynard and Ann O’Reilly.“The Talent Mandate: Why Smart Companies Put People First is an excellent book composed of two main sections: – A Transformed Business Environment, which explains the need to start a Conversation on Talent.
– Six Essential Strategies for Success: When people are the actual assets of most companies, hiring and nurturing top talent is the way to build up and sustain competitive advantage. Look for “talent,” and not simply for “workers”…The mandate is to ultimately “turn your company as a talent magnet” and address new expectations, ranging from a new emphasis on paychecks with a purpose, to the desire of a more sustainable work-life integration, an uninterrupted digital life as well as more eclectic career paths: “Top recruits are unwilling to sacrifice their own brands to prop up companies that are unlikely to take them where they want to go”. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverBusiness analysis and leadership : influencing change / edited by Penny Pullan and James Archer.
” Excellent overview of leadership for Business Analysts…Highly recommended for all Business Analysts. As the Business Analysis profession develops, there is an increasing demand for good leadership, whether that’s leading a team or setting direction for yourself or a project. If you’re a Business Analyst in or moving toward a leadership role, this book is a great introduction and packed with value. I like the short, concise chapters (great for someone with my attention span and fear of academic texts) and the range of topics covered. It also gives an honest and practical perspective from people working in the industry. (Amazon UK reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe chaos imperative : how chance and disruption increase innovation, effectiveness, and success / Ori Brafman and Judah Pollack.
“*Starred Review* Brafman and Pollack, organizational and leadership experts, respectively, explain their thesis on the need for contained chaos in our personal and work lives so that new and creative ideas can emerge out of nowhere. Framing their argument within case studies, including the U.S. Army, Brafman and Pollack explain that while organizational structure and hierarchy are essential in both large corporations and small groups, they stifle creativity. A small amount of controlled chaos confined within certain borders can benefit an organization’s overall well-being. Elements of chaos include white space, or time off from organized work to allow innovation and new ideas to take root; meetings without agendas; renegades, or those who don’t fit into the group’s traditional profile of participants; and planned serendipity, or engaging as many aspects of your organization as possible in problem solving. This small, excellent book offers thought-provoking insights for a wide range of library patrons as they face complicated challenges personally and within their businesses large and small. A must read.–Whaley, Mary Copyright 2010 BooklistFrom Booklist, Copyright (c) American Library Association. Used with permission.” (Booklist)

Syndetics book coverThinking in new boxes : a new paradigm for business creativity / Luc de Brabandere and Alan Iny.
“When trying to come up with creative business solutions, the phrase think outside the box has become such a cliche that it has lost any impact it might have had. Just what are these boxes and how do you think outside them? It’s nearly impossible because our minds instinctively like to categorize and compartmentalize the world around us. Rather than thinking outside the box, the authors propose novel ways of thought organization that allows us to think in new boxes by questioning and modifying the ways we typically approach a problem. They do this with a series of brain teasers and exercises designed to put into practice their five-step approach: (1) Doubt everything you think you know, (2) probe for new possibilities, (3) diverge, (4) converge, and (5) reevaluate endlessly. It’s an imaginative, proactive, and creative approach to problem solving that prospects for new ideas rather than trying to predict the future. De Brabandere and Iny are advisors of The Boston Group, a worldwide consulting firm ranked third behind Bain & Company and McKinsey & Company by–Siegfried, David Copyright 2010 BooklistFrom Booklist, Copyright (c) American Library Association. Used with permission.” (Booklist)

Syndetics book coverCan’t buy me like : how authentic customer connections drive superior results / Bob Garfield and Doug Levy.
“Inspiring Book for Both Those at Beginning and at Peak of Career…This is the sort of book that can help open eyes, alter thinking and spark change. It thoroughly makes the case that the necessary evolution is not merely one of tactics or even strategy, but something even deeper and more fundamental. Garfield and Levy are bold enough to state from the start that their “immodest goal is to be not merely financially, but something approaching spiritually, transformative.” But make no mistake, this is not some fluffy sermon on the importance of caring and tweets; the book’s brilliance is in how it ties the need for core mission and new ways of marketing to financial outcomes.” (Amazon reviewer)

Latest management and business books received at WCL Libraries

Syndetics book coverMake change work : staying nimble, relevant, and engaged in a world of constant change / Randy Pennington.“Practical, Real-World Ways to Make Change Work…In a world where change is not only ever-present, but increasing at an increasing rate, this book is a refreshing new perspective. Pennington addresses what many have talked about regarding change being at a much more rapid pace today. He goes far beyond what many other books about change discuss. In this comprehensive work, Pennington shows how good and bad change needs to be differentiated. Firmly rooted in real-world experience, this book is for those who aim for solid, business results. I particularly enjoyed the latter section where he addressed what to do for the future that can give us a competitive advantage. You can’t stop change. It is going to continue. However, if you take the lessons that are communicated here by Randy Pennington, you will be able to achieve success far beyond others. Get this book. Don’t just read it, devour it!” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverDigilogue : how to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow’s customers / Anders Sörman-Nilsson.
“keep an eye on this author!…So thought provoking and so relevant – thank you Anders Sorman-Nilsson for this gem. Anders’ conceptual ability to link trends and create a clear compelling vision of what winners will look like tomorrow, provides insight I would not want to miss. Digilogue has enormous relevance to our strategic planning at Mercer – I can’t imagine in what organisation it wouldn’t. Definitely a must read!” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe impact equation : are you making things happen or just making noise? / Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.
“Instructive and motivational, Brogan and Smith (True Agents) offer a magic formula for marketing products and services online while building credibility and trust among customers. The authors have been involved in online communities for more than a decade and offer a simple, social media-driven equation to draw consumer attention and gain trust: Impact = C x (R+E+A+T+E). The letters stand for Contrast, Reach, Exposure, Articulation, Trust, and Echo. The authors state the book is not about Twitter and Facebook, though they do occasionally discuss the platforms’ use. Their goal is going beyond social media: forming ideas; using appropriate, visible platforms; and building strong human connections are also key components of their system. Whether it’s creating YouTube videos or using Twitter to promote products and services, the examples and analogies offered for each element of the impact equation effectively make their mark. Success is not just about “being seen” on social networks, but nurturing genuine relationships with the audience as well. Individuals, small group of upstarts, or big organizations will relish learning how to apply the impact equation to their own blog or ad campaign in order to figure out what’s working and what’s not. (Nov.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.” (Publisher Weekly)

Syndetics book coverStop talking, start communicating : play dumb, be boring, blow things off, lose your friends / by Geoffrey Tumlin.“Very practical and much needed…Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and email are here to stay and most of us make use of these services often each day. According to the author, these interactions are low-level communications. When we talk face-to-face and engage in in-depth conversation, negotiation, problem solving, and creative interactions that are deeply personal – these are high-level communications. While low-level communication has many advantages and is an essential part of our modern world, for Tumlin, low-level communication has the danger of undermining and distracting us from high-level communication when high-level communication is the most appropriate or necessary…. In this short book, the author offers a series of practical, and often surprising, strategies for managing communication in our modern society where fast and superficial communication is the norm. It’s short, to the point, easy to read, well written – just what we need for our busy lifestyles! The challenge, of course, will be putting the strategies into practice. But if we want good, healthy, meaningful relationships then that is just what we need to do.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverSideways to the top : 10 stories of successful women that will change your thinking about careers forever / Norah Breekveldt with contributions by Dr Hannah Piterman, Dr Kerry Baxter, Heather Carmody & Hugh Davies.
Sideways to the Top is a thought provoking book that explores how 11 women challenged the status quo and took alternative career pathways to the top. (Syndetics)

Syndetics book coverBuilding resilience for success : a resource for managers and organizations / Cary L. Cooper, Jill Flint-Taylor and Michael Pearn.
“What can help employees to stay effective in the face of tough demands and difficult circumstances, and equip them to bounce back from setbacks? When it comes to workplace pressure, managers’ actions can mean the difference between improving or permanently damaging resilience in the workforce. Drawing on contemporary research and professional case studies, the authors of this definitive guide examine the main sources of work related stress, and explore how personal resilience can be developed both within and outside the work context. They take the value of resilience beyond bouncing back, to include sustainable recovery, buffering against ongoing stress, and measurable benefits for business performance. The result is an expert resource for managers and professionals including human resource specialists, learning and development practitioners and organizational psychologists. It includes suggestions and proven techniques for commissioning, designing and delivering resilience-building solutions for the workplace”– Provided by publisher.

For October: business and management highlights

Over the year Wellington City Libraries adds many new business & managment books to its collection, here are some highlights:

Syndetics book coverRisk management / Paul Hopkin.
“Risk management is not just a topic for risk professionals. Managers, business owners and directors at all levels must be equipped with an understanding of risk and the tools and processes required to assess and manage it successfully.
Risk Managementoffers a practical and structured approach while avoiding jargon, theory and many of the complex issues that preoccupy risk management practitioners but have little relevance for non-specialists. Risk professional Paul Hopkin covers: the nature of risk; the relevance of risk management to the business model; essential elements of the risk management process; different approaches to risk assessment; strategy, tactics, operations and compliance requirements; how to build a risk-aware culture; and the importance of risk governance.
Supported by online templates and offering real life examples throughout, this is a straightforward and engaging guide to the practice and the benefits of good risk management.” (Library catalogue)

Syndetics book coverThe visual marketing revolution : 26 rules to help social media marketers connect the dots / Stephanie Diamond.
Get Straight to Your Customer’s Mind, Heart, Buy Button…Visually! Skip past the filters: jump straight into your customer’s powerful visual instinct, where 83% of all human learning is processed. Craft messages that can be brilliantly expressed visually. Then, brilliantly express them. Learn the modern and timeless arts of visual persuasion from a master: Stephanie Diamond. Design irresistible visual persona. Tell masterful visual stories. Create breakthrough images, infographics, and video. Use all the visual social tools at your disposal, from Instagram to Pinterest to YouTube. Words can’t express what you need to say. Visuals will. Get this book: see how: •Think visually to solve marketing challenges text can’t handle •Make abstract ideas intensely real and tangible •Visually boost the effectiveness of emails, landing pages, and case studies •Add visuals to deepen engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ •Create outstanding low-cost video for marketing and tutorials •Optimize your visuals for tablets and smartphone, and much more.” (adapted from

Syndetics book coverNew Zealand financial accounting / Craig Deegan, Grant Samkin.
“The sixth edition is written in a straightforward and engaging style and has been fully updated to reflect the latest NZ interpretations of IFRS standards. Major changes in this edition relate to areas such as financial instruments, financial statement presentation and consolidation accounting.” (Back cover)

Syndetics book coverThe three rules : how exceptional companies think / Michael E. Raynor and Mumtaz Ahmed.
“Finally, an answer to the ultimate business question: How do some companies achieve exceptional performance over the long term? Is it better to keep price down or invest in creating value that commands a higher price? Should you focus on talent and developing the abilities of your people or build processes to extend the capabilities of your organization? How about acquiring a sizable competitor to secure economies of scale – or a small start-up to gain access to new technology? Michael E. Raynor and Mumtaz Ahmed have analyzed data on more than 25,000 companies spanning forty-five years. Built on a powerful combination of large-scale data analysis and in-depth case studies, their research discovered three rules: 1) Better before cheaper. They rarely compete on price. 2) Revenue before cost. They drive profits through price and volume, not thrift. 3) There are no other rules. Everything else is up for grabs, and they are willing to change anything to remain true to the first two rules. The rules provide an indispensable compass that any company can use to chart its own path to greatness.” (adapted from Book cover)

Syndetics book coverBreaking out : how to build influence in a world of competing ideas / John Butman.
“By highlighting the paths of French lifestyle guru Mireille Guilliano, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, and others, provides a method and a set of best practices for making ideas rise above the rest and impact the world.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverPractical statistics:a handbook for business projects / John Buglear.
“Practical Statistics is a clear and concise introduction and reference guide for those studying business and management at postgraduate level, MBA students and professionals. It gives the reader a solid understanding of statistics without being too simple or mind-numbingly complex. It turns statistics, often perceived as being difficult and pointless, into something approachable and sensible.John Buglear emphasises the importance of working back from results rather than working out results. He starts the book with basic concepts which get increasingly harder, as well as using simple metaphors to aid understanding.” (Library catalogue)

Syndetics book coverSell! : tall tales from the legends of New Zealand advertising / Hazel Phillips.
“Back in the 1890s, being an ad man in New Zealand was a simple case of placing an ad in the paper on behalf of a client. By the 1980s, it was a golden ticket to an exclusive club of fast cars, big bucks and bad behaviour. ‘Sell!’ takes you on a wild ride through the history of New Zealand advertising and its larger-than-life personalities, from selling the suburban fantasy to power games, overnight acquisitions, lunatic capers and the iconic Kiwi ads that reached giddy heights on the world stage. Legends of the local ad scene recall the glory days of big budgets and bigger egos, and tell the stories behind New Zealand’s best-loved campaigns, including the Fernleaf family, Spot the dog and the infamous Bugger ad.” (Publisher’s information)

New business and management books

Syndetics book coverThe snowball effect : communication techniques to make you unstoppable / Andy Bounds.
“A reference of communication techniques…The Snowball Effect is an interesting and useful book: not a cover to cover read, but something to refer to and pick out the parts or technique that best applies to a given communications situation or problem, such as persuading people to your point of view or trying something new. The key suggestion is that your communication results in a “do” message; that is, it results in a defined action to be carried out – that the basis of all effective communication is to define an action with the expectation it is to be done. The book makes the point that a lot of business communication, while actions are implicit, they are too rarely explicitly communicated as the specific purpose of that communication…It is simple, concise and a useful aide-memoire to something we should be doing in the normal course of events, but often fail to do. From this point of view, I found the book interesting and helpful for which I give it 4 stars.” (Amazon UK reviewer)

Syndetics book coverUnrelenting innovation : how to build a culture for market dominance / Gerard J. Tellis.“This book is meant to become a classic!
…Innovation is a key priority of every firm. However, defining innovation is really hard, the concept itself is vague, and managerial solutions to foster innovation are elusive. In this book, Gerard Tellis puts forward the first clear, succinct, and elegant definition of innovation and what it means to be innovative. In addition, he backs up several academic lessons on innovation with surprising, interesting, and deep discussions of business cases…The main thesis of Gerard Tellis in this book is that innovation is not driven by firm size, or by market conditions, it is not even related to current innovations or technologies owned by firms. Tellis’ answer: It is the firm’s culture what really drives innovation! The book outlines the main elements of innovative culture and the traits and practices that are key for building it. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverCrisis communications : the definitive guide to managing the message / Steven Fink.“Highly recommend for every comms person and organization leader…Fink gives the reader a toolkit for dealing with new media. The book is loaded with great insight on case studies we’re all familiar with–BP, Toyota, and many others. The book has a corporate bent, but all the tools and advice can be scaled to any size organization. Fink’s summary of the effect of good crisis communications sets the tone for the whole book…”Good crisis communications can stave off crises or manage the perception of a crisis effectively when one occurs. Moreover, a company that handles its crises well typically emerges a better, stronger, and more respected company and management team than it was before. And it’s crisis communications that seals the deal.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverBuilt in social : essential social marketing practices for every small business / Jeff Korhan.“”Social media expertise with a friendly voice…Though I’ve had a social business for many years, I still learned plenty from this book – especially about helping other businesses successfully transition to this new landscape, and why they must. I also appreciated Jeff’s friendly writing style and storytelling – the real-life business examples show that his wisdom extends far beyond social media. Reading this book helped me better understand my customers, my business, and my marketing…There are plenty of nuts and bolts instructions here for the social media beginner, but more importantly there are fundamental ideas that will help those beginners understand WHY they are doing what Jeff suggests.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe lean entrepreneur : how visionaries create products, innovate with new ventures, and disrupt markets / Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits.
“Advice for entrepreneurs looking to build a business people actually want to invest inDesigned to reduce waste by testing the market for a product early and often, the concept of the lean startup has been embraced around the world, and successful entrepreneurs and authors Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits join the conversation with their own personal experiences. The Lean Entrepreneur is designed to make lean startup and customer development principles immediately actionable no matter what the industry, size, or stage.This must-read book presents a lexicon of concepts and a universally applicable road map to success, as well as illustrative examples of innovative approaches to industry-specific disruption ranging from technology startups to consumer packaged goods to music to investment and finance…”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverTalent, transformation, and the triple bottom line : how companies can leverage human resources to achieve sustainable growth / Andrew W. Savitz with Karl Weber ; foreword by Edward E. Lawler.
Employees are central to creating sustainable organizations, yet they are left on the sidelines in most sustainability initiatives along with the HR professionals who should be helping to engage and energize them. This book shows business leaders and HR professionals how to: motivate employees to create economic, environmental and social value; facilitate necessary culture, strategic and organizational change; embed sustainability into the employee lifecycle; and strengthen existing capabilities and develop new ones necessary to support the transformation to sustainability. This book also demonstrates how leading companies are using sustainability to strengthen core HR functions: to win the war for talent, to motivate and empower employees, to increase productivity, and to enliven traditional HR-related efforts such as diversity, health and wellness, community involvement and volunteerism. In combination, these powerful benefits can help drive business growth, performance, and results. (Syndetics)