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A varied bunch of tweets this month. Hope they may be of interest:

What cities can learn about Co-working from Detroit. via @MeetoftheMinds:

Mobile apps: emerging issues in media and communications (via Australian policy online)

Innovest Keynote (June 2013): Dave Berkus on Success Factors of a Growth Business (via Dr Claire McGowan)

Fears, constraints, and contracts: The democratic reality for New Zealand’s community and voluntary sector (via Australian policy online)

5 reasons Wellington, New Zealand is a Utopia for start-ups (Dan Khan)

Useful post-earthquake info for employers via WECC (VERY USEFUL!) via @bluedotnz

Case Study: The innovation ecosystem
via Deloittes

What I’ve been tweeting lately.

Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy.
As enterprises adapt to a digital world CIOs will become key players in the effort to infuse info into business.
Tech-Savvy Gen Yers Still Flock to Stores
Talent remains top concern for business leaders: shortage of critical skill in changing industries via @DU_Press
Measuring City Competitiveness: Emerging Trends and Metrics
Are you Cloud ready? VIDEO: Forrester Analyst on Cloud & Security:
The Rewired Customer: Ready. Set. Change. Repeat. Via @DU_press
Check out the new Social entrepreneurship resource guide on my business pages. Open to all Thanks Ruth M for the idea
Whitepaper – From Bangalore to Boston: The trend of bringing IT back in-house via @deloitte
Report: The Rise of Digital Influence and How to Measure It

Latest tweets

As it has been for so many people, it has been very hard to focus on day to day business since the earthquake.   However, here is a list of recent tweets

Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook – articles, case studies from 600 participants

Becoming a Social Business: The IBM Story” from IDC case studies of IBM’s internal evolution to a social business.

A report from libertarian thinktank group Reason Foundation on Road Transportation – toll roads, hot lanes and finance

Building Community Disaster Resilience through Private-Public Collaboration from the US National Research Council

What I’ve been tweeting lately

If you missed it yesterday, listen to RNZ business podcast with Gyles Beckford: Reserve Bank, government’s books & more.

Can you remove information about yourself from google. Good tips posted by Karen Blackman and

Another great historical resource. Auckland Weekly News images 1934-1944 at   See how life was lived down under between the 30’s and 80’s, the Australian Women’s Weekly archive online at Great!

Cool graphic showing the history of social media

What I’ve been tweeting this week

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A lot of talk to do with PPP with future roading in NZ. Have a look at an OECD report Public-Private Partnerships

Mobile Web Continues to Boom: Internet Trends/Statistics from Mary Meeker’s Web 2.0 Summit Presentation  (docuticker)

Exciting new upgrade to annual reports: Here at Wellington City Libraries we now have subscription access to the…

Strategies for Maximizing Technology to Minimize Congestion, Reduce Emissions and Increase Efficiency. Have a look

Along the same line: New study shows High-Speed Rail Can Boost Economy, Reduce Traffic. Read the recent U.S. study here

Maybe a free trade agreement with Russia – will it make a difference to your business. If so get the latest info

Saving a top priority for Chinese – but why?. Check out this Nielson report