Sound advice for companies who are contemplating the post Covid-19 workplace

Firstly, from a New Zealand perspective there is quite a bit of information out there. Hopefully, I have retrieved some posts which will inspire and support you.

Running a business in challenging times -MYOB Business preparation Guide. The second edition of the MYOB Business Preparedness Guide, looks at some of the key areas business can focus on, adapt and invest in as they seek to navigate the ‘new normal’ created by coronavirus

New Zealand Business after Covid-19 In a special Business series four well known founders/business commentators give their thoughts on how they think NZ businesses will respond.

What comes next: 4 perspectives on post-pandemic preparation
NZ technology and digital chiefs’ responses to COVID-19 guide their business continuity plans for the emerging work environment

What lies on the other side of lockdown and elimination? Part 1 of a special Spinoff series in which Duncan Grieve looks at a number of sectors which will be worst hit by the aftermath of Covid-19. Part two looks at the winners and losers.

Business Excellence Series – 4 free talks to be held at Wellington City Libraries


This series consisting of 4 free talks, addresses some of the really important issues for SME business owners – Successful marketing, resilience, financial management and navigating local government.
Where: Ground floor, Wellington City Libraries, 65 Victoria Street
When: See Dates and Times Below
The Business Excellence series commences:

First Event
5:30 pm (for a 5.45 start) THIS HAS BEEN AND GONE

<Second Event
5.30 pm (for a 5.45 start) THIS HAS BEEN AND GONE

Third Event
5.30 pm (for a 5.45 start) THIS HAS BEEN AND GONE

Fourth Event
5.30 pm (for a 5.45 start) THURSDAY 23rd April 2015

Sally Newcombe Rightway (Accountancy)
Sally Newcombe has a Regional Partner role at RightWay, an accounting firm actively challenging the norms of the traditional beancounter. An accountant by trade, Sally spends her days using timely financial data to help her customers have the visibility to make great business decisions. So many businesses struggle with cashflow that Sally is going to talk to us a bit more about that tonight.

For further details, and to reserve your free place please contact or Phone: 04 801 4059
It is envisaged each talk will be 30 minutes with time for Q & A

Have questions about The Business Excellence Seminar Series? Contact Marilyn Domney

Could 3D Printing Change the World: Technologies, Potential, and Implications of Additive Manufacturing

From the Atlantic Council  (a non partisan institution devoted to promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security) comes this October 2011 report about 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing (AM) 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing (AM) which they see as a “revolutionary emerging technology” that could transform the approaches to design and manufacturing and in doing have huge implications for the existing social, geopolitical, economic systems.  It is a fascinating report which concludes with “AMI is on a track to move beyond a mere emerging techology into a truly transformative technology: The ability to locally print almost any designable object would have strong repercussions across our society.”

Global Entrepreneurship and Successful Growth Strategies of Early-Stage Companies

This co-production report (16mb pdf – but opens really quickly) comes from World Economic Forum in collaboration with Stanford University and Endeavor Global.    The aim was that the report would be of special interest to:

“Governments seeking to better tailor their initiatives to create thriving entrepreneurial regions/industries/cultures….young entrepreneurs looking for guidance from successful past experiences of growth companies and ….financial and other partners of early stage ventures”.

Disaster planning for businesses

In view of the recent impact on individuals and businesses in Christchurch, I thought it might be useful to pull together some recent articles on how businesses can best prepare for such an event. 

Although the first two articles are not available fulltext on the databases, they can be obtained via interloan from other libraries.  I included them because they look of particular interest.

Organisational resilience: Researching the reality of New Zealand organisations by Savill et al in Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning; Apr2008, Vol. 2 Issue 3, pp 258-266 (Abstract only available)

Ready for Anything by Stephanie Williams,  in Occupational Health & Safety; Apr2010, Vol. 79 Issue 4, p52-57.  Abstract available.

If you have a Wellington City Libraries card you will be able to access the fulltext of the following articles these through the links.  However, if you have not used our databases within the last 30 days you will have to log in and authenticate your library card first here 

Get ready, now by Daniel Cauchy, in CA Magazine; Jun/Jul2010, Vol. 143 Issue 5, pp40-42

Personal Business Continuity Planning by   Avinash Kadam, in Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective; Jan2010, Vol. 19 Issue 1, pp4-10,

and  authenticate here to read the following articles

After it Hits the Fan by Anthony R Lentini Jr. in  Risk Management: Jun 2009.  Vol. 56,  Iss. 5,  pp 42-44,46-47,5

7 Habits of Highly Resilient Organizations by Jeff Godlewski in  Financial Executive: May 2010.  Vol. 26 ,  Iss. 4,  pp 54-55

Effective Preparedness Training by Mike Resimius and John Stiller in Professional Safety:Mar 2010.  Vol. 55,  Iss. 3,  pp 18-20

Business Continuity During and After Disaster: Building Resilience through Continuity Planning and Management by Douglas Paton in ASBM Journal of Management:2009.  Vol. 2, Iss. 2,  pp 1-16

Web 2.0 emergency applications: how useful can twitter be for emergency response?  Mills et al in Journal of Information Privacy & Security:2009. Vol. 5, Iss. 3 pp 3-26

New leadership books in the library

Getting change right : how leaders transform organizations from the inside out Seth Kahan ; foreword by Bill George

Common purpose: how great leaders get organizations to achieve the extraordinary / Joel Kurtzman

Open leadership : how social technology can transform the way you lead / Charlene Li.

How to be a fierce competitor : what winning companies and great managers do in tough times / Jeffrey J. Fox

This is a just a small selection.  Here is a link to the Wellington City Libraries’catalogue

Leadership week

In recognition of this fact, I will be posting links to a variety of articles on the topic.  Firstly, from the Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge group two recent articles on the subject.  These are all freely available at the website.

What the brightest scholars say about leadership (May 10, 2010)

This working paper Introductory reading for being a leader and the effective exercise of leadership: an ontological model (May 6, 2010)

Cool IT Leaderboard

The “leaderboard evaluates company performance on their efforts to offer economy-wide technological climate solutions that contribute to global greenhouse gas reductions, initiatives to reduce emissions from their own footprint, and their active engagement in political advocacy and support for science based climate and energy policies”.  This is Greenpeace’s third leaderboard. 

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