Digital Boost – support for small businesses

Digital Boost is a series of free, self-paced training videos prepared by MBIE for the benefit of small businesses.

These short – 3-5 minute – videos give you the full rundown on how to operate a business in today’s world.  There are hundreds available with printed learning summaries.

MBIE’s figures show that over 40,000 small businesses are participating in this free training initiative.  If your business isn’t one of them, sign up now.

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Becoming an Age Friendly Business

In the last post I wrote about senior entrepreneurs.  Not everyone can or wants to run their own business though.  It’s a fact New Zealand has an ageing population and one in which dementia is a growing problem.

How can our existing businesses support this growing demographic?

MBIE has produced a series of documents on how to become an Age Friendly Business

Becoming an age friendly business book

Becoming an Age Friendly Business Implementation Guide 

Becoming an Age Friendly Business Action plan

Becoming an Age friendly Business self assessment toolkit

Additional resources are available on the Office for Seniors website.

If you need more information please contact the Prosearch team at the library. We can help you find information across a range of perspectives and resources. All enquiries are treated in confidence.

Being happy!makes good economic sense

A recent U.K. report entitled  The State of Happiness: Can public policy shape people’s wellbeing and resilience? from the Young Foundation and the Improvement and Development Agency (IDEA) is the result of a three year pilot study working with Manchestor, Herfordshire and South Tyneside Councils – three very diverse areas.   Although there are pressures to cut public spending this report outlines how programmes which promote wellbeing are achieving a number of important social and economic benefits.

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