Want to get into web design and development: Here are some great Lynda.com courses

Careers in web design and development    This short 30 minute video enables you to explore creative-oriented career paths in web design and development  including user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, internet marketing, graphic design and more.  Jen Kramer explains which personality types are best suited for each different career and the skills required as well as covering which tools are current in each field and why coding is still a key literacy for web designers.

Introduction to Web Design and Development. In this course which runs for just so 3 ½ hours, James Williamson introduces the essential concepts, tools, and learning paths for web design including what it means to be a web designer, areas to specialize in. He talks to five prominent designers and developers about their journey. Lastly, he outlines learning paths for where to go next including standards and accessibility, responsive design and the three core web technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Succeeding in web development: Full stack and Front end If you are considering becoming a web developer there are a range of technologies and career options to explore. This course provides a map of thecore technologies and how to go about mastering them. The main responsibilities are shared between front-end developers who specialise in websites and back-end developers who work with serves and databases. Also there is the full-stack developer role who overseas all aspects of a project. This 1 hour course led by Ray Villalobos will also provide tips on what you need to connect these skills to jobs.

Web Programming Foundations Instructor Morten Rand-Henderson leads a fun and fast-paced course which takes you on a deep dive into the world wide web and the underlying structures you need to understand to build robust applications and websites. To be an effective web programmer you need to understand what happens when you enter an URL or lick on a link. This course provides that.

Needing to Retrain in post-Covid 19? Check out these great courses

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many industries and professions resulting in many redundancies and necessitating people to hitherto would never have thought of needing to do so, make a transition to a different profession. I’ve included a couple of freely available articles which may be of use as well.

From the website Stuff yesterday was this Coronavirus: Where will the jobs be in a post-Covid-19 world?

Finding Jobs And Building Careers In The Age Of COVID-19 And Beyond From the Entrepreneur website.

Career Advice from Some of the Biggest Names in Business (2hrs 15mins)
This course, (recently updated) brings together the best insights from Lynda.com’s collection of interviews with LinkedIn influencers…including Richard Branson and Bill Gates. Each interview provides short and thoughtful tips you can use to propel your own career in the right direction.

Switching your career (1hr 10 mins)
The secret to successfully switching careers lies in identifying your transferable skills and creating personal and professional personas that work in your new industry…..You need to be able to convince employers you can make the leap to a new role or industry. Dr Dawn provides tips for rebranding yourself and nailing the interview by turning tough questions to your advantage.

Cloud computing careers and certifications: First steps (1hr 20mins)
Interested in transitioning to a career in cloud computing? Explore potential career paths and the certifications that can help you accelerate your professional transformation. Topics include:
IT pro roles: developer, analyst and architect
IT pro skills: virtualization, networking, and scripting
Certifications:AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM
Programming languages
Cloud career paths
Emerging technologies and careers

Web Career Clinic (course 9hr 21m)
Get web career advice from veteran web designer Lauren Bacon. Interested in a career in web design, programming, UX, SEO, project management, or content development, this course is a great place to learn about the career options that are available to you.

Careers in Cloud Computing: IT Pro to Microsoft Cloud Pro This course equips IT professionals to shift their careers and embrace cloud technology…Andrew Bettany also helps you map where you may want to specialize, where you need to be skill-wise, and how to create a path to get there.

New business books to inspire you

Syndetics book coverThe freaks shall inherit the earth : entrepreneurship for weirdos, misfits, and world dominators / Chris Brogan.
“Do you ever wonder where you fit in? Do you sometimes get that feeling that you have something much bigger to offer the universe, but then it fills you with fear and anxiety, so you think maybe I’ll just pay it safe? But what is safe? The factory job? The cubicle job? Factories all over have been converted to open spaces for startups. Skyscrapers have entire floors open for lease because the “same as everyone else” class of jobs have dried up. Many of us were raised to seek out a job that required us to fit in, to conform, to adapt until we fit the mold. The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth is a guide for the kind of person who wouldn’t normally pick up a business book. The personal business revolution is upon us. Here’s your recipe book for starting your revolutionary business, including some of what you will learn: How to be as weird as you want while providing a viable business structure to support it What most people are missing from the basic frameworks of doing business How to turn passions into businesses How to build out the Digital Channel What Kickstarter and Square mean for the future of business) Take the plunge. Learn to fail and then win. Dare to do something that “everyone else” doesn’t. The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth will help. Bestselling author and successful entrepreneur Chris Brogan explains step-by-step how to build your business from the ground up, all without compromising the unique mindset and personal values that make you a freak in the first place”– Provided by publisher.

Syndetics book coverHearing our calling : rethinking work and the workplace / Gill Coombs.“This book is for people who are dissatisfied with their jobs, and would like to find their vocation. Coombs questions many unquestioned assumptions about the workplace, putting our work into the larger context of where we are as a society today, and the environmental crisis. I think this book will also appeal to people — like me — who feel a deep unease with ‘business as usual’ and believe that there are alternatives out there to many conventional modes of work. The book begins by exploring a general sense of unhappiness in the workplace, suggesting that our large institutions have inadvertently created a situation where people’s best talents are underutilized or ignored. She then explores the history of work, and the underlying assumption — or insistence — that there’s no alternative to how we live now. The most useful chapters, for me, were those that looked at finding your vocation. Coombs looks at the human community ecologically, suggesting that each of us has a natural role or purpose to play. The bottom line, Coombs suggests, is that business as usual is no longer possible, and that a general, society-wide rethinking is required about how we live. And there seems no better place to start this process than in the workplace. Recommended”. (Amazon UK)

Syndetics book coverDecoding the new consumer mind : how and why we shop and buy / Kit Yarrow ; foreword by Paco Underhill.“I highly recommend this book and it was a really enjoyable read – very accessible to most anyone interested in the topic of consumer psychology. This is also critical read for marketers of all levels. It provides a thorough analysis of the shift in today’s current consumer mindset with implications to digital and native advertising, public relations and brand identity. This is the perfect introduction for executives of any level and within any department in order to understand the impact of a new cultural identity, and to align their operations with marketing targets”. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverSuper teams : using the principles of RESPECT to unleash explosive business performance / Paul Marciano, PhD, Clinton Wingrove. “…SuperTeams is: a different and highly compelling book about transforming groups of individuals not only into teams but into high performance teams that get terrific business results. When I reviewed Carrots and Sticks, I described it as the most important book on Worker Safety of the 21st Century and it isn’t about worker safety, and I stand by that assessment. If that is true, that SuperTeams is a close second. In SuperTeams Dr. Paul Marciano (an intellectual powerhouse in his own right) teams with Human Resources guru Clinton Wingrove to create a work that is more applied and instructive than Carrots and Sticks, and that builds on the first book. SuperTeams is like a field manual for putting Carrots and Sticks into place. I keep three books on my desk that I consult often, SuperTeams is one of them. It is a truly important work that anyone who manages people should know and reference; take my advice: buy two, because you will want to keep one close and if you lend one out you probably won’t get it back”. (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe curve : turning followers into superfans / Nicholas Lovell.“This is not only a great read, but following on from titles such as “The Long Tail” is opening our eyes to the imminent future of consumer orientated business. Covering a multitude of examples from businesses across Gaming, Music, Baking Goods and Swimming Pools, Nicholas shows how the embracing of the Free price point is enabling people throw of the tyranny of the physical and significantly increase their earnings and value of their business. I would recommend this as a key book for anyone who is involved in a business which sells direct to consumers. (Amazon UK reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe hard thing about hard things : building a business when there are no easy answers / Ben Horowitz.
“*Starred Review* It’s fairly evident that this is a collection of blogs, loosely strung together, united in their varied perspectives on start-ups, CEO-dom, and business in general. Though Horowitz is a cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz and his credentials reside mainly in Silicon Valley, he’s imparted some valuable insight on hard lessons learned that apply to any manager, whether in the executive suite or not. As with most experiential books, it is all about him but it’s written in such an engaging and universally acceptable manner that no one could object. Leave aside his background, for the moment. Who would realize, for instance, that executives worry about things like initiating layoffs, hiring the right people, training, and minimizing politics, among others? It’s a refreshingly honest take, and his colorful (and, yes, profanity-laced) language breaks down any other misperceptions about the role and the person. Plus, his imagination is compelling, such as the comparisons between peacetime and wartime CEOs: Peacetime CEO always has a contingency plan. Wartime CEO knows that sometimes you gotta roll a hard six. After all, the success equation is easy: the hard thing is getting it done.–Jacobs, Barbara Copyright 2014 BooklistFrom Booklist, Copyright (c) American Library Association. Used with permission.” (Booklist)

Syndetics book coverJab, jab, jab, right hook : how to tell your story in a noisy social world / Gary Vaynerchuk.“I have a ton of social media books on my shelves, but none of them work quite the same angle as this author. While many books focus on the ‘how-to’ of a specific platform, or even go into detailed accounts of exactly what to post, this book focuses on something much more interesting: storytelling…The author argues that stories change with each platform, and then goes on to show how your story should change in each instance. His six rules for storytelling on social media platforms inform the more detailed advice he gives for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & Tumbler…If you own or work in any business, this is a great place to start. It’s not a how-to and the author expects some media savvy on the part of the reader, but what you will learn about storytelling on different platforms will be invaluable for your company if you apply it appropriately. Highly recommended.” (Amazon reviewer)